How to protect the products from heat: good ways

From the summer heat very often spoil products. It is not only “hits” on our wallet, but also injurious to health. What to do to not get poisoned in the road stale chicken, sausage or fish, learned

In the summer many go on a long journey, and the question of preservation of food in the heat is very relevant. Today in stores you can find everything you need to transport products even on long distances: refrigerators, bags, containers, cold accumulators (flat sealed containers that need to be put in the freezer, and they will help to preserve freshness). But if you travel once a year hardly makes a lot of sense in buying these rather expensive devices. Especially since without them there are several ways to save the most popular way products.

All know that chicken, eggs, potatoes, boiled the day before, “will live” much longer if you wrap them in foil. Sausages (should prefer smoked or dried) is also a concern, but it would be better if you additionally lubricate it with vegetable oil.


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Eggs netremote shells in boiled form can be stored for two to three days. But it is at room temperature. To rely on luck that the train will not stuffiness, and therefore, the perishables need to eat first. If you still want to leave the chicken in reserve, be sure to dress her in “coat”. Take the package or bag, lay the bottom and sides with a thick cloth. Then take the chicken/potatoes/eggs, wrapped in foil, and pack them in a plastic bag. Then wrap the bundle with a kitchen towel and put it into the bag. The more times you repeat the wrapping procedure of the product, the longer it will remain fresh. And seldom get food from “the shelter” – with each opening of the bag will go cold.

But to secure success, should resort to this trick: fill a plastic bottle (any size) with water, send it overnight to freeze. The next morning put the ice cold bottle to the Packed products and tight cover – an improvised refrigerator ready.