Your language makes my country a country of the “Russian world”, this can’t go on

1. Happened precedent. With a delay of 25 years, but it happened. This precedent opened the gates, which are carefully kept in the castle all these 25 years, the gateway to the discussion of catastrophic and under supergrote status of the state language, the only word. I want my precedent inspired the whole country to once again being terrified by the scale of Russification, and chauvinist discrimination against the Ukrainian language and the Ukrainian language. Also the open disdain, the disdain on display. The discussion started. We’ve been putting off this conversation for 25 years. Now it will not collapse.

2. I understand the “turmoil” in Russian. For the first time in 25 years, they felt a prickly discomfort. How so? Who dared? I appeal to the Russian-speaking Ukrainians with a plea to hear me. All these 25 years you lived in a posh, perfect linguistic comfort. You had the sea for its press to non-state language, their TV, their show business, his printing press and an endless expanse of use of his tongue from the bottom to the top. All these 25 years you have all been very good. But your language comfort was based on my discomfort, the discomfort of millions of Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians, who in their own country are discriminated against on the grounds of language and have to endure the dominance of your tongue, private. Of course, you do not want to change. I wouldn’t either, apparently. But my set precedent in front of you mirror. Well, nice? Nice to feel discomfort? Here is a discomfort experienced Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians for a quarter century. Because of you. Because of your arrogance. So continue to be. And will not be.

3. These words will be used against me, but I’ll say this. The key to the war in Ukraine are Russian-speaking people who persistently ignore the concept of a single state language. I ask quietly to listen to me. You are fundamentally monolingual Russian-speaking people can be wonderful people to donate money for the army, your sons can serve in the ranks of the APU, but you, without realizing it, are key to the war. Because you, Russian speakers, ignoring Ukrainian, represent my country as a country of the Russian world. Your speech is the language not only of Pushkin and Putin. Your speech is the language not only of Dostoevsky, but also Luhansk mercenary. Your speech is the language not only Tsvetaeva, but also Patriarch Kirill. Your language makes my country a country of the Russian world. The whistle of bullets, gunfire “Grad” sounds in your language. It is your and our tragedy. You never acknowledge. But someone has to tell you that. I beg you, think it over.

4. Go to Ukrainian. After 25 years, maybe the time has come not quietly, but loudly to say: every citizen MUST know the state language and to use it. If not — you are a citizen of the defective. So around the world. The fundamental disregard of the state language should go into the past. Enough already. We are talking about public (not household) use of language. My dear, you MUST know the state. It’s not question “want or not want” — is the question of debt.

5. Of course, tomorrow it will not happen, because for 25 years we have fake state creation. I am sympathetic to people who find it difficult to speak Ukrainian in public at full volume. In my live I were talking in Russian Semyon Gluzman, Mustafa Dzhemilev, Sergei L. Loiko, Yury Kasyanov, and so on. My respect for him did not decrease, and my program is open to them. But I appeal to all the moral authority of the Russian-speaking environment: if you find it difficult to master the state language, the rights of moral authority, encourage them to do it younger generation, encourage your friends and fans. They’ll listen to you. Please.

6. For the first time in the history of Ukrainian TV were confronted with the question: what to do with a person who is fluent in the official language, but defiantly refuses to speak it. It’s not a question of “can’t” is a conscious stance of “do not want”. I did what felt right at that moment. You leave room for your fantasies, what you would have done.

7. I was prepared that I will condemn most of my colleagues on the Central TV channels. They have already agreed to a purposeful Russification and is not able to act contratempo. But imagine if every channel there is at least one brave soul who asks the guest, holding the Ukrainian, go to him? Will see in a short time the language will change reality. Need only Thing, only Thing to do. Colleagues, this is not I ask you — are you asking the Language that is 300 years was banned, eradicated and destroyed. You only need the Act. The precedent must continue.

8. I really wish my precedent had awakened the Ukrainian community. We — a priori right. For us — the postulate of a unified state language. I beg you: do not be silent. Act. Indignant. Require. Promote the Ukrainian language, each in his place. There is no other way. A little bit of self — respect- and believe me, we will create a country where every citizen will be forced to move into the state language at the first contact with the media. This may be as a direct call.

9. On the planet Earth we have no other piece where our language can live a full. Russian language is the state, which protects the language and protects — it is called “Russia”. The Ukrainian language also is such a state called “Ukraine”. We have no other and never will. Yes, we now have to catch up. Yes, we must compete, not even starting from zero, but from minus. But we have no other choice but to assert their language in their country. For the sake of those 25 lost years.

10. I’m shocked so many people, who give me words of support and gratitude. Physically everything can not be answered, so thank here. All those tons of mud and accusations weigh nothing against the main result — the precedent has taken place. Even if delayed by 25 years. A dam broke.