Amnesia for the money. As Europe forgets about the war in Ukraine

Depth concerns quite a normal measured her sincerity. Here, as in the old Soviet joke, in which a little son came to his father and asked — what distinguishes tragedy from catastrophe. Dad explained that if the family has one goat and she fell into a ravine, broke his neck, that was a tragedy for the family.

But the catastrophe is not drawn. But if the plane will fall with the members of the Politburo, it is definitely a disaster. But for people is not a tragedy. Now, when Russia is killing Ukrainians and is occupying part of our country, for Europe is a disaster and a cause of deep concern. But to lose money on the trade with the aggressor is a real tragedy.

Yesterday the European Commission made a statement on that very worried. The reason for this trouble is become not dead Ukrainians who actually defend Europe against Russian aggression, and the Americans. Who have taken steps to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

The European Commission has warned about possible “broad and indiscriminate” “unintended consequences” of the bill, particularly in relation to the EU’s efforts to diversify energy sources from Russia. Here’s a “deep concern” about the risk of loss of profits from the cooperation of European (mostly German) companies with Russian business in the gas sector.

What’s the point. Tomorrow the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress considers a bill that expands sanctions against Russia, but also limits the ability of the administration of Donald trump to cancel them.

The bill, which has almost one hundred percent chance of becoming law, provided, cessa will oppose construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. Because, according to us lawmakers, the project “harms the energy security of the EU gas market development in Central and Eastern Europe and the aspirations of Ukraine in the energy sphere”.

That is, there coincided the interests of American business that wants to supply gas to the EU instead of Russia, Ukraine, glad any financial weakening of the aggressor and Poland, which will be actually the main point of receiving the American gas.

The disadvantages remain, of course, Russian companies that lose mad profit, but also in Germany and Austria, that this “Northern stream — 2” is planned to become a powerful hub for all of Europe. Nothing personal — for European companies is pure business. And investments that will bring a decent profit.

Democratic values, military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, against the background of these money somehow pale and did not look like a disaster.

You can enter some more individual sanctions against state Duma deputies, Merkel can condemn armed aggression and to make deep concern over the intensification of hostilities. And at the same time, Ukrainians will deter the aggressor, to bury their military, and the German company good money on the contracts with Gazprom. Such is the harmony.

Let’s have the diplomatic language move on to normal and dot the I. Russia invaded Georgia, killed more than ten thousand people, blew off a few million from home. The European Union expressed deep concern and imposed some sanctions. For the Russian Federation that has created a number of inconveniences, but not yet critical. And you can refuse the Russian gas and oil. Ditching their economy to hell, because all of it is based on trade in oil and gas.

The United States is ready to help Arab countries will also be very happy to replace Russia in the European market. Of course, some European companies will lose profits on contracts with Russia. But what is more important for the EU? Blood money from Russia or European values?

These new US sanctions are a real threat to Russia. Not a pretty picture of deep concern, and indeed a real threat. And then the EU suddenly rebelled. Think, dying and fleeing from occupied territories, the Ukrainians, why should we lose money?! You can’t just hack on live lucrative contracts.

Guys, let’s share a common pain. Admit to yourself two or three million refugees from the Donbass. Feed and rasalaite as Syrians. Expensive? So this is the first batch. Decide already, we’re fighting the aggressor or pretend? If you are struggling — let’s make sacrifices.

We are not asking the Bundeswehr to die for Ukraine, while we in fact protect not only themselves, but you. But to choke the aggressor economically — be kind. Or just tell me — we wanted to spit on the aggression in Ukraine, make money and krapka. We can do this we rely on the real allies — Poland and the United States. How Israel protects its citizens against an aggressor and wanted to spit on grave concern at the restriction of the rights of terrorists. We stand fast.

And you justly throw a couple of million refugees. Contracts with Gazprom will cover the losses? In General, the EU and Germany should already be determined, according to the old saying — or remove the cross or wear pants. Or as this proverb should sound, adjusted for migrants from Muslim countries?