Scientists recommend to eat watermelon every day

Scientists have explained why the summer should eat watermelon every day. According to researchers, watermelon may significantly improve human health, reports “Orthodox”.

As you know, watermelon is a source of all important nutrients. The main ones are lycopene, vitamin a, citrulline and vitamin C. Experts say that watermelon can improve the condition of the skin, this will help the vitamin A. It helps to stimulate the growth of tissue throughout the body, refreshes and moisturizes the skin. In addition, watermelon can help to heal the heart and improve condition of the skin.

Lycopene contained in watermelon helps to improve heart function and vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium, help to reduce cholesterol levels to prevent severe heart diseases.

Also, watermelon increases the flow of urine, without creating an additional burden on the kidneys, which will help to avoid the formation of stones. As told by scientists, watermelon can improve eyesight, reduce blood pressure, relieve muscle pain, and also it is good for bones, fights asthma and helps with prostate cancer.