The Polish-Ukrainian partnership is a Union of the nose with a fist

Polska Niepodległa: Recently there was an attack on another Polish cemetery in Ukraine. What’s going on? Why suddenly launched an attack on the Polish objects?


Halas Marcin (Marcin Hałaś): of Course, we can assume that this is a Russian provocation. However, the principle of provocation is that they need to be a suitable soil and favorable atmosphere. This atmosphere is created by the Ukrainian authorities, who cultivated the tradition of OUN/UPA (banned in the Russian organizations — approx. ed.). The official version sounds like it was the Patriotic forces that fought for Ukraine’s freedom. The propaganda of the nationalists portrays poles in the way of the invaders and the Stranglers. On the other hand, Ukrainians heard voices from Poland who indicate that the OUN/UPA are responsible for the crimes and genocide. All of this causes resentment to the poles. Such hostility is easiest to throw out, destroying the monuments. If the official Ukrainian authorities deny the fact of the Volyn massacre, saying that no genocide was not the poles, it is not surprising that some provocateur or a fanatic might decide to destroy the monument to victims of this crime.


– The inscription “SS “Galician” division,” which appeared in the cemetery in the village of Bykivnia, something shows?


— As I said, I do not exclude provocations. But even if Russian intelligence services were the masterminds, the perpetrators were Ukrainian nationalists. In these circles many fanatics. For them, the SS division “Galichina” — is a formation, the flags which were consecrated bishops of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. So, even if we’re talking about possible Russian provocation to focus the idea that the political responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities.


– The Polish foreign Ministry reacted properly?


Not at all. Ukrainians banned the mayor of Przemysl to enter its territory after he had participated lawfully March of the eagles Przemysl (in memory of the young Polish militias involved in the fighting with Ukrainian and Soviet forces in 1918-1921, approx. TRANS.). The poles are politely asked to investigate the consequences, but do not protest against causes, that is, the revival of banderizm in Ukraine. By the way, I wonder who will investigate the attack on the Polish monuments and cemeteries in Ukraine? Nationalist circles subordinate the security Service of Ukraine has banned the entry of the mayor of Przemysl?


– You see someone in the foreign Ministry after the next attack on the Polish object that the attitude of Ukraine to Poland there are problems?


— No. This week in Warsaw started the Polish-Ukrainian partnership forum. At the opening ceremony were the Minister of foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski (Witold Waszczykowski). This event was staged a few days after the country was prohibited to enter its territory to the mayor of Przemysl — strategic for bilateral cooperation of the city, and it shows that the Polish-Ukrainian partnership is a Union of the nose with a fist. The nose, of course, is constantly in favor of Poland. In the name of the mythical “containment of Russia”, the Polish government pressed for the tail and allows Ukraine to do whatever one pleases.