What is Camil and why during the long diet is necessary from time to time is harmful

Limiting yourself in food — that’s fine. We are surrounded by such a number of Goodies, the majority of the unhealthy calories that if you eat only what you want, very fast, “rounded”, and health problems can not be avoided. On the other hand, if all the time to limit yourself, to sit on the very good boiled chicken, cottage cheese and Frosch fresh dill, as used to say unforgettable Faina Ranevskaya, “the face becomes less, but more sad”. And then the sadness — not so bad. Much more painful to break, throwing a diet and a healthy lifestyle, and again gain weight.

However, there is a possibility there is everything your heart desires, and straineth! This method is used by professional athletes, and the name of this miracle method — cicmil (eng. — “cheating food”). We, along with experts understand how it works and how useful it is for health.


People who sit on protein, low carbohydrate diet, it is often the same problem: the body gets used to a small amount of food that arrives regularly, and begins to slow down metabolism calories it is still a cat laugh. In the end, the person ceases to lose weight, and have to “shake” the body to start the fat loss process. Here comes to the rescue and cicmil: an opportunity once a week to depart from the diet and eat whatever you want (not the whole day, of course, but in one meal).

It is compared with the school holidays or a long weekend — a time when the body provide the opportunity to “break away” relish.

This planned violation of a healthy diet, according to athletes, speeds up metabolism and helps to reduce psychological stress: the person ceases to feel sorry for myself that “nothing good to eat” is not allowed.

In addition, the knowledge that in three days, you can eat a lot of Goodies, allows you to hold as the diet and training process.

But even cicmil involves several rules. First: it can only be used on a low carb or no carb diets: if you eat everything, and once a week also to overeat, then you will just get fat. Second, all the time to Camila need to strictly adhere to the main diet and not allow yourself to harmful snacking.


The reason, according to experts, in the leptin — the hunger hormone that regulates appetite and steers the energy balance in the body. During fasting, leptin levels are reduced. And less than it, the worse it saturates the body, the higher the hunger, and the weight comes back. To keep the hormone in place, it is sometimes necessary to give yourself the opportunity to eat well, and it allows cicmil.


Do not make yourself more than one Camila a week, if you are athletic, and not more often two times a month, if you have excess weight. Still, it’s a violation of your diet, not a lifestyle.

Cicmil is best done in one meal, and not overeat calories a day.
To arrange a holiday belly need early in the morning to before going to sleep the body has time to process carbohydrates and fats. Ideally caminiti need after a workout is a reward for the work and calories you burned well, and metabolism is just broken up, so that food the body will process more intensively.

No need to abandon the usual of the meals, freeing up space in the stomach for yummy — just add another high-calorie meal. But note: this is part of your process of losing weight, not relaxing before the TV or computer. Therefore, in the process, just enjoy.

Planning a “holiday belly”, first repelled by the lifestyle: the more intense workouts and a stricter diet, the less you can limit yourself to chamilly day.

Eat food that is well balanced and more nutritious than conventional food. Then you get enough protein and especially carbs for replenishing glycogen stores — this is one of the main forms of energy reserves in the body. When the level of glucose in the blood is reduced (for example, a few hours after meals or intense physical activity), the body sends a special signal and accumulated in the vaults of glycogen begins to be broken down to molecules of glucose, becoming a source of quick energy.


Sitting on a diet, many people feel left out, that provokes anger, irritation or sadness. Because of this, people are often frustrated, eat huge amounts of harmful products and start to suffer twice as much — because of the heaviness in the stomach, and nagging feelings of guilt. So if failure is inevitable, why not make it routine, and hence controlled? Approximately so says the people who have tried this method in practice.

Accountant from Chernivtsi Olga talks about his experience camelstore: “When I decided to lose weight and added to the diet of sport, with me beginning to happen, something terrible. Approximately every two weeks after training I experienced the feeling of hunger that immediately after the gym ran to the store bought smoked sausage, chocolate, milk and all it ate! Sometimes I could not convey to the cashier — had, blushing, stretching the cashier the empty box… Then I felt guilty, sick stomach, and I’ve limited myself to eat until the next breakdown.

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Then I read about chitkul and decided — I’m human and entitled to a little weakness: once a week, on Friday, I allow myself to eat whatever I want. It turned out that I really wouldn’t take much — a piece of cake, a small Burger, a little more fruit than usual. And I feel happy! The coach does not swear, had the strength and energy to move toward your goals. A “free day” allows me to stay all week and not snacking on all sorts of cookies. As a rule, cicmil is 90% healthy and good nutrition, and 10% of the freedoms that allow you to keep the rest of the time”.


Tatiana Bykova, nutritionist:

I’m a big enemy of dieting. I want to make sure people changed their eating habits once and for all to improve their health. It’s steps that he reasonably and consciously takes to be healthy. This is a clear motivation, what you are doing and why, and physical activity, and well-balanced diet.

Everything must be personally and individually, but to arrange a “holiday belly” is a step back from my goal. Of course, the girl maybe once a week, drink coffee with cake, but a lot depends on what kind of dessert: high-quality, prepared with natural fresh ingredients, or TRANS fats, palm oil and other harmful substances. A bite of something delicious you can afford, but to arrange the eating I would not recommend it: it Annuls all previous efforts. It “harmful” that a man loves, must be to him as a prize or a promotion, not a permanent food. In nutrition there is such a term as “fasting day”. Here you can afford to eat a little more than usual, but again: not to overeat, but simply to indulge in a little bonus.

Roman King, coach triathlon:

I am advocating to change your lifestyle to the correct and comfortable level. And the enemy in order to set themselves very strict limits and stick to them for life only to give up the slack just one day. If you really really want to eat some junk food, then why not? But on other scales need to set a goal that you want to. For example, if your goal is “not to hurt in my side, when I go to work”, then once a week to eat in fast food. If you want to win the world championship or the Olympics — the “junk food” taboo, you can eat something “wrong” occasionally and only in the offseason. Especially harmful is to begin to overeat fast carbs after a low-carb diet. It can even do more harm, because such a diet is a huge stress to the body.

To the goal is to come loyal as much as possible, gently draw in your chart in order for it not to be stressful. Of course, you can have your cake and eat once in a week or two. But if the body is accustomed to apples and wheat germ, to give a kilo of cream — it will cause him great harm! Better to just build a proper feeding schedule, and balance it and remove the maximum chemical products — all sorts of “glutamate” and “Eldorado”.