The world is waiting for a record jump in economy – IMF

The world is in anticipation of the most ambitious in the last ten years, the jump of the economy. This is stated in the updated July overview of the International monetary Fund (IMF) the global economy World Economic Outlook.

The review notes that the engine of future growth will deliver Europe.

“We have adjusted the projections in the direction of improvement for many of the Eurozone countries. In particular, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, where growth in the first quarter, significantly exceeding our expectations,” the IMF said, but do not exclude that the European economy will grow even faster.

In General, the Fund forecasts improved growth for almost all regions. The growth of the world economy in 2017 should reach 3.5% and in 2018 of 3.6% is expected in the Fund.

For the United States economic growth forecast was reduced. “Adjustment of an optimistic forecast of the situation in the US is the most serious loss,” said IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld.

Recall that in his review , the IMF also lowered the forecast of world oil prices in 2017 and 2018 for about three dollars compared to the previous forecast — to 51.9 and 52 per barrel, respectively.

However, as stated earlier, the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde, the world could face a new global crisis.