Walking on the Chihuahua with a bag over his head surprised the users of the Network: photo

Walking on the Chihuahua with a bag over his head surprised the users of the Network: photo

The dog made the cover serious material about the coronavirus

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 10:58

The authors of the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times has illustrated material on the coronavirus by a photograph of an elderly woman on a bike walking his dog with transparent bag. The readers of the publication wondered what it all means.

Article published April 29 and talked about the fact that Singapore recorded the lowest mortality rate from coronavirus. But among the elderly, “the picture is” not so rosy – because of the coronavirus dies every fifth infected patients older than 80 years. However older people, in spite of mortal danger, still continue to go out.

A dog with a bag over his head walks in Singapore Photos: facebook.com/Rachel.liawtc

As illustrative photo editors chose, at first glance, the usual the street the time of the quarantine. But if you look closely, you can see the dog, who runs with a bag over his head. Under the post discussion: why is the dog running around with a bag on his head?

A screenshot from the website of The Straits Times

“Everyone sees the dog with a plastic bag on your head?”, “That dog all right?”, “The dog is also afraid of virus, so wearing a mask?” – ask questions netizens. Some of them believe that “it is violence against animals.”

The news about “dog with a bag over my head” quickly came to her owners. “Yes, this is my favorite mom and her Chihuahua named Baby. I gave her a pet somewhere 7 or 8 years ago. By the way, this is not a “package”, and very thin, soft, breathable mesh. We already use this protective tool to minimize contact of the Baby with the other dogs,” he wrote on his page in Facebook a girl named Rachel Leo.

We will remind, earlier the guy on the isolation sent a Chihuahua in a Department store.