How to “lure” future husband: folk omens and tricks that will help to get married

According to the state service statistics last year, 1,000 Ukrainian women have only 856 men. No one takes into account how many of them are drinkers, former (and current) prisoners of the tyrant and the other, who does not particularly want to build relationships. It is not surprising that single women are increasingly resorting to the help of various rituals, which are “really, really committed to meet Mr. right”.

We have collected the most well-known and how to say their girls are tested, effective ways, and also asked the psychologists, why the “second half” is sometimes delayed in transit.

  • Tapockety ritual: shoes-talisman ever brought home a wife

This way to marry has helped many women. Buy mens Slippers, consider what kind of person would wear them. Three days go with them everywhere, imagining that your beloved is already there — in cafes, the movies, at work, and so on. You can RUB them with money, so they attracted a decent man, or to describe in detail on a piece of paper, what you need and invest inside: so you charge them for the right man. Do not allow anyone to touch them! At midnight of the third day, you can open the door to the apartment, put the sneaker socks in a flat and say: “my Betrothed, disguised, without harmful habits and with some advantages, appear!”. After this you can leave it as it is: very soon they will find the owner.

  • Three-colored cat will bring good luck if you bring kittens under your bed

It is believed that with the tricolor cat in the house comes happiness. The white color symbolizes purity, black is opposed to the negative and evil, while yellow brings wealth. It can also bring a man dreams of! But for this it is necessary to take a kitten, but if she grows up and will bring the kittens under your bed — all count, the husband is already there. “I got a cat five years ago. When she gave birth to kittens, I was desperate — didn’t know where to put them! Wrote in social networks that will give in good hands. And one kitten came a guy who became my husband,” — told us from Kiev Ksenia.

  • To whom to pray: the virgin tie towel, and Xenia of St. Petersburg leave notes

There are saints who help to find a soul mate. About finding a spouse, you can pray the Holy Matrona of Moscow, St. Xenia of Petersburg (you can come to her grave in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg and leave a note), Peter and Fevronia. Ask about family happiness is St. Nicholas of Myra. Also help of the icon “the inexhaustible chalice” and the “unfading”.

In Sambor, near Lvov, it is possible to venerate the relics of St. Valentine — the patron and protector of all lovers: its power for over 250 years is stored in one of the oldest temples of the city — the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin.

In Kiev, on Podol, in the Church of St. Nicholas Pritiska is an icon of the Mother of God. About it always tied a lot of towels: it is believed that if you tie it next to the image, the virgin will come to the rescue and give the family fortune. Women at the temple here is said to pray often mothers and grandmothers who pray for daughters, and others dear to them unmarried girls. But that definitely helped to embroider a wedding towel need, all the rules, in fasting and prayer.

The Church Of Nikolai Pritiska. Virgin gives family happiness. Photo:

  • Flowers of passion: exquisite handiwork in a dream come true

That love came in the house, you need to embroider (or draw) peonies — flowers of passion, to hang in his bedroom: this way, if you believe the forums, gives almost 100% result. The longer embroider, I think of my husband and put my heart and soul — the better the effect. But this image is tricky: as soon as the “embroidery sign” will work, after a couple of months the picture of the bedroom you need to remove: sensual and sexy colors can provoke lover for infidelity. Carnations, vacant on the wall, in lieu of flowers, hang a couple of wolves, also embroidered or written in their own hand: they are ideal for a happy family life.

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Embroidery, however, works in other areas of life: to get pregnant, you need to embroider a picture “Almost perfect” (three angels, it is easy to find online), but the housing problem is solved by the image of the house.

  • All for two: love ducks and pair of candlesticks

Surround yourself with a pair of things: let the bedroom is furnished with two candlesticks, two lamps, two pillows, and so on. On the wall hangs a picture of may with a couple, not a lone tree. According to Feng Shui worth to buy a beautiful talisman of love — figurines of ducks-Mandarin ducks. It is best to put them in the South-West of your home: there is a zone of love and marriage, and next to put some flowing water — for example, a small fountain. Enhance the effect of the talisman can be, if near “to settle” other images of pairs of birds.

  • Magical flowers in pots: everything happens when they bloom

Love can literally be grown on the windowsill: it is enough to pick up a potted plant that will attract in your love life. The most unusual and beautiful plant — oksalis: its purple leaves similar to clover, fulfill any desire. But oksalis very capricious and does not forgive negligence in care. Bring the love flower Spathiphyllum (the second name — “Women’s happiness”) and aichryson (“Tree of love”). Put them in red pots, bury in the ground ring or the heart and water it with the thoughts that, together with them grows and your love. Well, when the plants bloom in pots — so very soon your life will beloved.

  • A letter from the future: the post will fulfill the dream

There is a perception that to obtain the desired, it is sufficient to query dear universe, writing all the details. And then effective way is to write yourself a detailed letter from the future: “Dear me. I live with my beloved husband is good, we have a lot of children/money, in their spare time we read/walk/relax in Bali, we live in the country/in the castle/on the ocean” and so on. The more specifically describe the life — the better, and listing the desirable qualities of a mate, consider everything, the color of the skin, inclusive. This letter needs to send to itself — and more exotic and then the country where you are sent, the better and more efficient. Received a letter put together with linens.

  • Wedding: dance with the groom, get pin bride and ignore the contests

At the wedding, you can not only have fun and be jealous of the bride, but also to lay the Foundation for their future marriage. The most popular and sophisticated way (because of the abundance of competitors) to catch a wedding bouquet. So as not to risk fishing without injury, ask the bride to stash a few flowers from the bouquet and just give them to you.

Try to become the other, especially if the wedding is a wedding: this ritual greatly increases the chance to go to the next aisle. Dance with the groom (no need to recapture the bride). But if your outfit at the wedding accidentally pour wine or champagne — and be glad: this is also a sure sign of imminent marriage. It is also believed that if the bride to sew the hem of the dress or to take him from her attire the pin or the pin, too, will soon attract the marriage.

But what to do is strictly prohibited: to measure wedding dress before the bride will marry in it, sit in the corner of the table and to participate in drinking contests.

Don’t fight over the bouquet. Agree about the flower beforehand

  • Places of power: to hold the hand of the Prony Prokofievna and recharge on Devic-mount

A popular site that gives love — a monument to Pronya and Svirid from the film “chasing two hares” (Kiev). It is not clear why the image of poor, deceived bride became the patron Saint of single women, but many admit that after the request to Pronia found love: you need to hold her hand and ask for help to find a date. You can also go to Devic-mountain (village of Tripolye, Kyiv region), where was a sanctuary of the goddess Virgo. Here to boost your female strength, to quickly find a husband.

  • Double bed: buy a new one, update the linen and place in the center of the room

To find love, you need to prepare for her a springboard — that is, buy a double bed. If the box is already there, but next to you, sleeping only cat (tortoiseshell cat) — so, we need to buy more linen.

Important: even if the other half of the bed is empty — in any case do not take her all sorts of useful things: laptop, books, cosmetics and working documents. Let this side will always hospitably ready to accept people. And according to Feng Shui, to make the sexual energy circulate smoothly, you need to access the beds were on all sides: place under it cannot be turned into stock seasonal clothing and shoes.