How dangerous tanning and how to get it without the sun, at home

Every summer, beauticians say the same thing: sun’s harmful, skin is due to rays dries and ages, it is necessary to avoid the sun cosmetics with SPF, best not to sunbathe! But what if the ideal of beauty in the modern world is considered a tanned body? It turns out, there’s a solution that does not harm health and make you beautiful. And that’s what we were told the doctor the dermatologist-the cosmetician Tatyana Kobets and family doctor Alexey Maximenko.


Do you know why under sunlight, the skin darkens? “Tan is a chemical reaction in the sun. When rays hit the skin, cells, called melanocytes, produce the pigment melanin. So the body is protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. That is, in fact, is our defensive reaction — just as, for example, temperature rises when we are fighting the infection”, — says Tatiana Kobets.

Tanning is especially harmful to people with the first (Celtic) and second (Nordic) types of skin — it is light, almost white.

“Such people have very few melanocytes: to “defend themselves” they have nothing”, — the expert explains.

Did the sun do not carry any benefit? In fact many authoritative publications say that sunbathing is important and necessary. Tatiana Kobets says: the benefits of this process are exaggerated.

“You often hear that tanning promotes the production of endorphins, thereby improving mood. Yes, under sunlight they really are produced. But in so small quantity that it did not significantly affect anything, — says the expert. — To intensify the production of vitamin D, also do not have to roast in the sun for hours. And speaking of the germicidal effect of UV light — enough for 10-15 minutes of sunbathing to “clean” from bacteria. In addition, it is worth remembering that some types of rays lead to irreversible changes”.

Often after the “sagarnaga season of” wrinkles on the face and worsen wrinkles around the eyes: UV light contributes to severe loss of hyaluronic acid, and its deficiency causes aging of the skin.


THE CREAMS AND LOTIONS. If you have decided to abandon the traditional tan, but the dream of a suntanned body is “artificial methods” of its acquisition. “But forget about the tanning bed once and for all, recommends Tatiana Kobets. — They are so harmful, that in some European countries they are banned at the legislative level.”

Among the safest methods — avtosalona cosmetics. “Autoshare funds are divided by the active substance. First — autobronzant on the basis of sucrose: they painted the Horny layer of the epithelium. The disadvantage of such funds is of a yellowish hue, and short-term effects (3-4 days). But to become a “chocolate” can be 30-40 minutes, — says Tatiana Kobets. — The second species based on the enzyme tyrosinase, which activates the melanocytes. This tan is deeper and lasts longer, but is not immediately to “tan” to apply the remedy every day for 2 weeks.”

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THE HOLLYWOOD METHOD. Among salon popular methods of cane (price in Kiev salons — from 200 UAH). This procedure is favoured by the Hollywood stars, so it is called Hollywood tan. “For “painting” using a lotion with extracts of sugar cane, — says Tatiana Kobets. — A man walks into a special chamber, it is sprayed this lotion. And after 10-15 minutes you receive a perfectly even tan.” It lasts 7-12 days.

All these methods are absolutely safe: they do not fall into the blood, the reaction occurs only with the surface layer of the skin. “In my practice only a few times met clients allergic to cane tan,” says Tatiana Kobets.


Tanned skin tone may also be obtained by using natural ingredients.

CARROTS. Grate on fine grater and add the vegetable oil, cream or sour cream. Apply the mixture for 15-20 minutes on the skin, rinse with warm water without soap. But do not exceed the time otherwise it will become in the truest sense of the word bright orange! Not suitable for light skin — get a yellowish color.

TEA. It is very important to use natural black tea. It is possible to take baths: pour 6 tbsp of the tea with boiling water, boil 2-3 minutes, let stand for 20 minutes, strain. Pour the tea in a bath and sunbathe. Duration — up to 30 minutes. Can be repeated daily to achieve the effect. Tea stains, but also perfectly tones and tightens the skin.

FLOWERS. A light tan will give an infusion of chamomile and succession. Take 8 tablespoons of herbs, pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours. Wipe the infusion of skin several times a day or use the decoction for bathing — and a few days will see the result. In addition, these herbs have antiseptic properties: they help to get rid of pimples, soothe the skin and make it velvety.

COFFEE. 5-7 tsp of instant coffee fill with hot water to form a thick slurry. Let it cool down and apply for 15-30 minutes, rinse with water without soap. To shade appeared, the black mask should be done daily for a week. Then a week break, and repeat.

COCOA. Take the powder without flavorings or additives, pour hot water to make a thick paste, apply for 15 minutes. If the skin is dry, instead of water use vegetable oil (olive, jojoba). Use daily to achieve the effect. Masks of cocoa is cleaned of dead skin cells.