The dispute over Syria — a guarantee of worsening relations trump and Putin

It was going to happen. The conflict over Syria virtually guarantees a gap of fraternal friendship between trump and Putin.


The openness of the President of Donald trump’s attitude to Putin was the foreign policy aspect, which was the main reason for his separation from the rest of the Republicans.


But Russia and the US share so many issues that the White house will, of course, have to deal with it.

Irreconcilable conflict between Russia and USA over Syria contributes to the complication of the acclaimed process is unfolding in the USA for several months of political drama associated with Russia’s intervention in the American elections and the reaction of trump.


What the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump met with Russian officials? One of them has financial ties with Russia? Who is investigating the case related to the statements of the US intelligence community that the Russian was trying to help Trump and caused damage to the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton?


Such rhetoric leads us to nothing. The FBI is still investigating — same as the Senate Committee on intelligence. It is believed that both the house of representatives Committee on intelligence is also investigating, but it is, to put it mildly, problematic.


Relations associates and employees of trump with Russia (past and present) contributed to trump’s willingness to start anew relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he defended in the American media.


Remember how bill O’reilly (Bill O’reilly) “incited” trump Putin, claiming that this Russian — “the killer”?


“I think our country is so innocent?”, retorted trump in response to the leading program on the Fox News channel.


This is what Putin and trump thought important during the presidential campaign, when both of them wanted to defeat Clinton.


And now, when these two found that their interests are infringed, it will be interesting to see which of them will benefit.


That is seen by the trump footage of Syrian children victims of what officials claim it was sarin that made him (as President) to act decisively and drastically to change position in relation to Syria. Earlier, when the US President was Barack Obama, trump has opposed military action in that country in response to the use of chemical weapons, and criticized the former President for what he called this “red line”.

Thursday before the missile strikes trump said that what he saw footage became something much more serious than crossing a “red line”.


“When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, children, young children with chemical gas that is so deadly that people were shocked when they learned that it was for gas, this is beyond the limit for a limits, beyond the “red line””.


Putin immediately denounced the retaliatory missile strike by the order of trump, calling it “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law.”


The United States and Russia came into conflict on this issue in the UN Security Council where Russia has the veto power, has blocked international action against Syria.


It is difficult to say will spoil their opposing views on the issue of the emerging relations between them world leaders, but it is clear that trump now understand many of the political elite from the Republicans — John McCain (John McCain) always calls Putin “a thug”, and MITT Romney (Mitt Romney), as is known, in 2012 called Russia a U.S. “geopolitical enemy No. 1” (for which Obama then made fun of).


It is possible that this episode in Syria, which became trump-President of the new serious challenge, will also make him understand the concern that has long experience in relations with Russia, many of his party members.