What will happen to prices in six months: most can appreciate the bread and milk

All goods and services have risen in price in Ukraine last year by 13.9% compared to the year 2015, estimated by the state statistics service. This means that inflation has slowed sharply, as we recall, in 2015, it was as high as 43.3 per cent. “Today,” found that most have increased in value, and even cheaper, and also — what will happen to prices in 2017.

FIGURES. As you can see from the infographic food has risen less than industrial goods and services — 8,5% against 13.5%. Among the products, pays attention to the growth of prices for dairy products. Record set butter — plus 25% to the price 2015. President Alexander Ukranalittsentra Okhrimenko says that the reason for this is the rising feed, fuel, electricity and gas. It is already possible to note the effects of a free trade zone with the EU, fish and fruit, that is largely imported goods, were the outsiders at higher prices. Alcohol has risen on average by 12% due to higher taxes. With this agreement, and independent economist Ivan Nikitchenko: “In 2016, the inflation is asked rising prices for komuslugi that the government decided not to stretch for two years, and immediately raised to economic levels. This has led to higher prices of goods and services as electricity, water, gas are included in the cost of everything.”

FORECASTS. The experts have a different view of the price situation in the coming year. So, Nikitchenko agree with the official forecasts that inflation will slow down to 8-10% per year. It will push two factors: the rise in oil prices in the world and a new increase in excise duties since January we have, the effect of which will be manifested in the next six months. “But the increase in the tax burden on small businesses (growth and minzarplat deductions from them Pensfond. — Ed.) will have an impact on prices, but insignificant for large targeti through which sold a large part of the food, work in common, not the simplified system of taxation, and wages legal and above the minimum” — analyzes Nikitchenko.

Okhrimenko also estimated that food prices will rise by 30-40% in six months due to the increase in minzarplat, diesel fuel (it has increased by UAH 1/liter due to the increase in excise duty from 1 January. — Ed.) costs of entrepreneurs to become mandatory cash registers. “It will probably start closer to may. Most expensive products of daily demand: bread, milk, oil, since transport costs will increase by 10% and pull the entire chain — says Okhrimenko. — Vegetables and fruits are expecting a seasonal growth of prices by 10-15%, and the cost of fresh meat will keep the low purchasing power. For this reason, not much more expensive meat products in the low price segment, but expensive sausages and other delicacies can be few people available.”