Russian Ageev: Released > Erofeeva killed in Russia

Detained in the Donbas Russian military Victor Ageev said that after returning to Russia by the GRU in the framework of the exchange, one of them – Evgeny Erofeev – killed in Russia. About this prisoner of war told a Russian “Novaya Gazeta” during a visit to him of his mother.

The journalist recalled on his exchange in Russia can drag on for months, as it was before with the prisoners Grushnikov Alexander Alexandrov and Evgeny Erofeev.

However, the Russians signaled that Russia may face the danger and reported that after the captivity in Ukraine took out one of the employees of the GRU.

“Even if later will ever come back to Russia — what next?. Did you hear what happened to the > Yerofeyev, when he came back? It just cleaned. Killed,” said Ageev.

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He noted that this is indicated not only in Russia but also in Ukraine.

“I know for sure. Everybody’s talking about it: here and there, this side. All know what did this to him. Because I was superfluous. Just would not talk. I’m sure. Although it wasn’t confidence; I just want to get me out of here,” added the Russian.

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We will remind, on may 25, President Vladimir Putin pardoned convicted for alleged murder of Russian journalists in the Donbas Hope Savchenko. Pilots were exchanged for two captured Russian Grushnikov Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov.

As you know, the Russian contractor Ageeva born in 1995, the Ukrainian military detained as a part of DRG militants, which was neutralized on June 24 under the Groove in the Luhansk region.