Aging makes people more intelligent scientists

Many young people fear expect 30-year anniversary because they think that after crossing this milestone, they become almost in the era of old age. But a new study has shown that the ageing process can be useful for intelligence, connections between neurons of the brain and mental health, writes

Researchers from the University of Toronto found that suffering from anxiety and depression due to the proximity of a particular age, people may actually experience delays in brain development. Study sheds new light on how the physical health of each person affects his mental health and how it develops over time.

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For their study, researchers analyzed MRI scans of 359 adults aged 22 to 36 years. They were interested in how age affects the communication between neurons in the brain. In addition, scientists watched as different features of the brain change depending on where the person works and in what level of communication has.

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It turned out that most people older than 30 years there is increased activity in specific areas of the brain, and this suggests that they are more effectively process the information. In addition, these people are due to the normal age-related processes in the brain better control their actions and make more informed decisions. However, some people age-related changes of the brain have a negative effect on mental health.

For example, in people over 30, who complained of psychological problems, carried out scans of the brain showed an underdevelopment of certain areas in the body. This allowed to conclude that neurosis, anxiety, anxiety and depression, including those associated with the fear of age-related processes that hinder the development of the brain. In normal conditions, aging is his only advantage.

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