What you can afford on new minimum wage

Ukrainians, employed, have begun to receive increased mentorplace. Until they are given advance payments for the waste the first half of January, according to the law, it must also be doubled compared to the December advance. “Today” estimates that can now let people receiving not 1600, and 3200 UAH per month.

CALCULATIONS. First verify that mentorplace taxes: income — 18% military — 1,5%. Therefore, in December at the hands of the workers received not UAH 1,600, and 312 UAH less — 1288. Now, in January, they will pay 3200, 624 UAH less, or 2576 UAH. That is really the wallet to get heavier 1288 UAH. Fortunately, the increase in income will reduce the subsidy for payment of utility bills, if the person receives it. Because, according to the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, before the new topstone grants will not count.

“Today” has estimated, as it is now to improve the lives of low-paid and that now he can afford the additional 1288 UAH. We assume that the former mentorplace was spent on food, bills, mobstaz and travel. Now people can afford a little more than before: for example, every day to eat meat, eggs, foreign fruit, and even delicacies, buy books, sports, several times a month to visit the Museum and fast food. Or just spend the entire “Supplement” on a major purchase, say, shoes. According to the economist Alexander Okhrimenko, suddenly “wealthy” workers will initially spend part of the gain on the products, because as early as 1288 UAH, they paying utilities, eating about 30 UAH per day. This money will suffice only on a bowl of soup, a Cup of yogurt, pahlava, 200 g of cheap sausages, a slice of bacon.

CHANGES. Meanwhile, employers actively assess finvozmozhnosti to understand, whether will pull an increase of the wage Fund in connection with the growth of mentorplace. As the head of the franchise Association Andrey Krivonos, employers adhere to the three moods: someone will continue to work legally, someone will translate employees to outsourcing, and someone tries to negotiate with employees. “For example, the user will pay to the employee RS 3200, but half the amount then the person will return to the chief. Or, alternatively, the employer will force the employee to repay the taxes that are spent on it chief in connection with the growth of mentorplace. This practice may be relevant in small towns, because there is often 1600 UAH is considered a normal salary”, — the expert continues Rabota.ua Tatyana Pashkina. But the overall conclusions, whether the business will pay RS 3200, it will do until February, when Ukrainians on hand will receive January salary, experts say. “It is unlikely that the business will sharply go into the shadows. White used to work with major manufacturers, foreign companies, financial sector, etc. more Difficult to work legally small businesses that are involved in services and trade. In General, employers are willing to pay minzarplatu officially, but for shadowing need state support in improving tax environment, investment climate, protection of property rights”, — said the head of the Secretariat of the Council of entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Zablovsky.

For underpayment — the penalty in 320 thousand UAH

To identify private and budget structures that are not raised minzarplatu to 3200 UAH/month. already established inter-Ministerial working groups in the regions. As explained to us in a press-service Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, they include representatives of the Ministry of social policy, Pensfond, civil service labor, GFS, MES, Ministry of health, Ministry of culture, representatives of trade unions and Federation of employers. Fines for violations are huge — 9600 UAH for non-admission of inspectors and 320 thousand UAH, if the test will reveal not properly executed workers or low wages. The first results of working groups the Cabinet will be announced by the end of January. Lawyer Vladimir Stolitny fears of abuse: “we Need detailed instructions on how to perform inspections. Otherwise, the firm could be fined for the fact that, for example, the guard did not allow the inspection, because at this time there was no Director. Also, the business structures is to develop a procedure of actions of officials in case of inspections and to familiarize them with workers under the painting. For example, who performs the duties of Director in his absence”.