Yeltsin is of our time. Who needs “project Navalny

In may 1987, after a high-profile rally on Manezh square in the heart of the Soviet capital, the activists just created chauvinistic anti-Semitic organization “Memory” was adopted in the Moscow city Committee of the Communist party one of the most famous “superintendents of perestroika”, a candidate member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, first Secretary of city Committee, a fierce critic of the conservatism of the party apparatus by Boris Yeltsin. The meeting of party functionary with vampires has not gone unnoticed — especially by those who saw in the re-democratization process and did not understand how one of the brightest representatives of the “innovators” in the party leadership can deal with the rabid reactionaries. Supporters of the changes were not aware that certain circles in the government — primarily associated with the intelligence agencies — is already beginning to spin the project “Yeltsin”, whose main objective will be to create a backup figure in case of full and final collapse of the Soviet regime. And the main task of this figure — the preservation and consolidation of security services and associated criminal world in the life of Soviet society.

Now, 30 years after that memorable meeting, we can say that the first Secretary MGK the CPSU, a candidate member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee and a brave fighter against corruption (or whatever it was called?) Boris Yeltsin with his task a hundred percent. But the system once again is close to crisis and collapse. And after exactly 30 years intelligence officer and new face of the “Russian world” Igor Strelkov offers debate the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption, the proponent of change Alexei Navalny.

The proposal was adopted. It is important not the fact of the debate. It is important to show the public — including openly chauvinist, reactionary — is that the next “leader” is able to talk with everyone. The Democrats will be wiped, as they are wiped after a meeting of Yeltsin with “Memory”. The Democrats in Russia still there is no chance to come to power, their hope for change is always associated with some regular folk (read KGB) pet, which will support the majority of “expensive Russians”. And the chauvinists will remember that this person can talk. For them such a debate — the same signal as Yeltsin’s meeting with “Memory”: his own man, a Russian, to speak.

I’m not going to say that Navalny is an agent of the FSB. Bulk — project intelligence in a much broader sense of the word. Yeltsin, too, was not an agent of the KGB: the high-ranking employees of the party apparatus — and the future President of Russia belonged to this closed caste — recruit was strictly forbidden. But not forbidden to communicate, to cooperate, to seek interest. Yeltsin wanted power and lots of power, all power. Security officers needed access to cash flow and to maintain control over the country — all without “party”. “Tsehoviki” enterprising and Komsomol activists, turned into a new Russian businessmen and “oligarchs” wanted money — lots of money, all the money. These three forces in 1991 destroyed the CPSU and the Soviet Union, in 1993 he finished the competition among apparatchiks and established full control over Russia, its people, its money: the Russians have not noticed, how has turned into serfs.

The bulk, though, and criticizes Yeltsin, says exactly what he earlier said Yeltsin. What he wants to hear the average Russian chauvinist and obscurantist, but at the same time — a small man with a child’s psyche that just wants to live better. Therefore, to discuss foreign policy escapades of the opposition, his thoughts about the Donbass and Crimea — a thankless job, it’s just the conditions of the moment. Yeltsin, too, was a supporter of the preservation of the USSR under his rule, of course, but at the appointed hour and agreed to the independence of the Union republics, and with the appearance of their own armed forces and currency, even he has pushed the blank to the final separation. Bulk if they come to power in times of crisis, will agree not only with the withdrawal from the Donbas and Crimea, but with the independence of Chechnya or Tatarstan — the question is only whether the territory in which its associated groups want to maintain their power and some influence.

Of course, the figure of the Bulk is incomparable in scale to the figure of Yeltsin. Even Yeltsin in the first phase of his career was a true politician, look like a leader of the masses. Bulk — not looks. But the possibility of the collapse of the regime today is not so obvious and close to the KGB, in the late 80’s. Yeltsin was prepared to replace Gorbachev is losing control of the state and not wanting to change anything in the economy. Putin — not Gorbachev, it is rather slow aging, which flows into insanity and living in your own world, Brezhnev, or Andropov. But if the calculation of the KGB is correct, to replace that Brezhnev will inevitably come new Gorbachev of the inner circle. Gorbachev tries to reform the unreformable system, without changing anything seriously. And the system, as in the late 80’s, begin to crumble the already-present — the more that this new Gorbachev citizens will not be afraid like they are afraid of Putin.

It was then that security officers and bandits really need Bulk — this one or any other, there is no difference, it would place a man there. By this time they will manage and grow your new Yeltsin, and all agree with him.