Named the most dangerous type of vegetarian diet

Consumption of cleaned grain with large amounts of sugar-containing products is associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease.

It found American scientists, who called the most dangerous type of vegetarian diet.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and briefly about it reports the American College of cardiology.

To such conclusions the authors came, examined three types of diet. The first consisted of products of plant and animal origin, the second — whole grains, berries, fruits and vegetables, and the third diet was also vegetarian, but included processed grains, fried potatoes and sweetened beverages.

The experts tracked the health of more than 200 thousand people, which for 20 years has participated in a special survey. Initially, the study was not involved people with coronary heart disease and cancer, as well as those who have experienced a stroke.

During observation at about nine thousand of the participants had developed coronary heart disease. The best indicators of health were those who followed the second power mode, whereas the simultaneous consumption of products of animal and vegetable origin, and a vegetarian diet with processed grains, fried potatoes and sweetened beverages were associated with an increased risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The authors emphasize that not all power modes based on a vegan diet are equally beneficial for human health.