Saudi Arabia: woman whose legs caused a stir in Saudi Arabia

Nude leg models smeared opaque black color, or red circle to draw attention to the scandal in Saudi Arabia on a deserted town in the desert walked a woman in a short skirt and the top, which is known only by its name — Hulud.

The video that was first uploaded to the messaging app Snapchat, shows how Hulud goes through the narrow streets of the sand-colored historical sites — village Weiker. She is a two-hour drive from the capital of Riyadh and is a center of strict Wahhabi Islam. Here have to wear black long dress — the hijab. Unlike the headscarf, which does not necessarily carry in all the Kingdom, hijab for women is a typical article of clothing. Look here Nude female legs useless. Accordingly, many Saudis reacted to the video with outrage. In social networks, they demanded to arrest Hulud. Soon spread Arabic hashtag: “We demand the initiation of proceedings against model Hulud”.

About a young woman, almost nothing is known. Some users claim that it is not Saudi Arab, and a resident of Yemen. A police spokesman in Riyadh Fawaz al-Maiman (Fawaz al-Maiman) on Tuesday confirmed the information about the arrest of a woman. She will be questioned. It is further reported that the video was posted without the knowledge Hulud.

On Twitter many comments refer to the Saudi article 41, which States that you should take into account the values of Saudi society and respect its traditions and feelings. One lady writes about this: “In the West we say the same thing, we should respect the laws. These Nude shots undermined the reputation of our country and insulted 30 million Muslims. We need to know who is behind this”.

But there is an opposing point of view, some accuse critics of double standards. The degree of condemnation depends on the nationality of women. “If the woman was a foreigner, we’d be praising her beauty, but because she is a resident of Saudi Arabia you require to arrest her,” wrote one lady on Twitter. The body Hulud mounted the grinning image of Ivanka trump, bottom signed: “all right, guys, problem solved”. Only recently, the visit of the President’s daughter caused a real stir, under the hashtag “Bint Trump” translated “daughter of the trump”; some Saudis asked for the hand of the blonde, who refused headscarf and hijab during her visit.

The conflict around the video puts pressure on the leadership of the state. Last year, the crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman announced its program “Vision 2030” that aims to reduce the country’s dependence on oil. Critics accuse him that he also intends to gradually upgrade and the Wahhabi society. Video Hulu now warmed up these differences.

Editor’s note: the girl was arrested and then released again. She was not charged with any crime, as reported on Wednesday the Center for international communication in Saudi Arabia.