Record prices for cabbage in Ukraine began to fall

Producers of cabbage in Ukraine are forced actively to reduce prices. This is reported by experts of “APK-inform: vegetables and fruits”.

Only with the beginning of the week cabbage on the Ukrainian market fell by 25 – 33%. Today, the farmers of Ukraine offer cabbage for 6 – 8 UAH/kg, whereas a week ago the prices for these products often came to UAH 12/kg.

According to the manufacturers, to reduce prices they are forced, under the pressure of extreme restrained demand.

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Wholesalers and retailers purchase only the cabbage in small batches for current sales, citing low interest from consumers.

However, today the prices for cabbage 5.3 to 6 times higher than last year for the same period and is a record for the second half of July.

Recall, the experts of the agricultural market previously explained that vegetable prices in Ukraine have soared due to crop failure, as had a late cold spring. Another, but less significant reason — earned Association with the EU, where our early vegetables was exported, pulling down prices in the domestic market.