Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): seriously whether Ukraine and Georgia beat pots

After the appointment of Mikhail Ssakashvili public opinion is divided. First — Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah, spoiled relations with another country, our little cares, and here, and with Georgia falling out.

The second — Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah, those Georgians do allow yourself? A third world country with a Pro-Russian regime dares to teach the descendants of the bard! We are proud and independent!

People, relax. Review Ambassador for consultations — standard diplomatic procedure in such situations, a way to Express their dissatisfaction. But about any relationship breaks down it is not and will not go. Once all have long accepted the reality that Saakashvili — a citizen of Ukraine.

And Yes, Georgia we need as we Georgia. And nobody is going anywhere. Half a billion in turnover, of which almost 400 million dollars of export from Ukraine, not to mention a lot of joint agreements on free trade Zone with the EU and the Eastern partnership and closer relations on the basis of fear because of the aggressive Northern neighbor.

So everything will be: wine, khachapuri and soup!

And the arrival of Mikhail Saakashvili, do not fully understand the position in not clearly defined authority for decision not to the end of designated strategic objectives at blurry powers, as it is ordinary post-Soviet Ukrainian politics, nothing new. Good luck and Zen.

Elias Kusa, an expert on international policy and the Middle East of the Ukrainian Institute of the future