An open letter to the Alexandrov ensemble

Dear participants of the ensemble. Alexandrov,

Actually it doesn’t matter whether I’m writing to those of you who are died in the waves of the Black sea, and the survivors who will continue your creative and, most importantly, historical tradition. You meant and mean so much — not only for the last century, when you your founder Alexander Alexandrov put as human shield against violence, making the music a manifestation of faith in victory over those who sow hatred and death.

We have this legend in his time, made famous by the writer Irasec, and after it has spread policies Needly, that once a small but powerfully and loudly singing the ranks of the Hussites forced the crusaders to take flight. In General, it does not matter whether there is historical truth in this legend. This in itself adds to the suffering people of certain strength and faith in their own strength. And we all remember this legend. All children (at least of my generation) know what the phrase means, “Who are you, God’s soldiers?”, and what effect it had — or could have — on superior in size, but the motley army of the enemy, which does not unite belief in the importance of shared ideas and interests. This army was sent to the battlefield for money, but they will never win the true faith.

But the Hussites… It is you, the members of the Alexandrov ensemble, gave the idea form and institutionalization. Exactly you went round the trenches of the great Patriotic war and thousands, doomed to great suffering, you give a drop of hope to their weary souls. Perhaps that’s why you disappeared, dear members of the ensemble, with the onset of the so-called new times. Perhaps a long time, many perceive you as a symbol of history, tradition, as a kind of living Museum of ancient victories and victims. And frankly, even if this were so, still it’s worth it. After all, your art is delighted at all times. This degree of professionalism, discipline may be partly military, but stunning in its art, and not just the result! Their “kolenkami” you have broken the naive notion that history was not, in postmodernism ripped from their ancient beds and are filled in plastic vessels and pots, where the rulers of the world we enclose poisonous fertilizer in the form of “truth” that truth does not exist, that all of the hype, and the only goal is a full belly in the loan (slavery new time). You interfere with these engineers of the future, because it embodied the belief of many people not living in debt, that in the world there are more important things than a new phone model.

You were the absolute backbone of the modern Russian elite, which inherited the country after Boris Yeltsin, a confused driver with a bottle of vodka instead of brains and conscience, received a “quixotic” and, to the surprise of many, successfully restored Russia’s self-confidence and pride. Putin couldn’t find anyone better than you, the Alexandrov ensemble, in the military built the heralds of the pride, in which Russia is needed, not to become once and for all into one big McDonald’s.

The value of this returned identity is much more than many of us can today imagine. The Russia that Yeltsin put into the hands of Bush and, most importantly, bill Clinton, literally, as the Indians gave her the Prairie, a bottle of fire water, no doubt, would become dark, full of criminal elements in the periphery of the world, which let some time to effectively absorb the loans, but would move to inevitable disaster. In this disaster, so Russia would have precipitated over the whole world. Let’s not forget that in this suburb of the Universe there is a red button, with which the entire globe can be sent to hell 150 times in a row. And, as they say, from the moment when it became possible to do this at least once, the main thing that this never happened.

However, this hope is not through a disciplined and humiliated Russia, and through a partnership with a confident, Mature and democratizarea Russia, which today ranks Putin. However, he relies on the history of their country, those who reminds of the ancient and future power and glory, including you, members of the Alexandrov ensemble. In recent years, Putin is trying to put Russia on strong legs, and so you all this time was, rather, ambassadors of the future than the freak show of the past as spoke those who do not want to understand anything, and only wanted to control. And there are people everywhere, including us. I already imagine some journalistic hyenas, which will throw hateful words about how well that with you in the sea died, the symbol of a hated Empire, which deprived us of freedom in the distant Great August. However, I am confident that these votes will be a little, because still large part of society obedient to destiny and not laughing her boldly in the eye, and is respectful of death, mindful of his own perishability, and not dancing on the bones of those who even sloppy.

I am also sure that you, the dead, change not a smaller team of successors, because where there is a strong idea and the will to faith, the replacement is already there itself. If you, the departed, the living and may have something to do is to continue your work as good as you are doing them. And I will, without a doubt.

Peter Antovski