Lithuania marks the 27th anniversary of restoration of independence

Lithuania on 11 March marks the 27th anniversary of the restoration of independence. On this occasion, different cities hosted concerts, ceremonial meetings and exhibitions. At noon on Independence square was held the ceremony of raising the flags of the Baltic States. Immediately after Gediminas Avenue (from Independence square to the Cathedral square) — parade “For our freedom”. In Vilnius carried the tricolor with a length of 400 meters, in the Cathedral square it kozaily in the shape of a heart. Gediminas Avenue, the traffic lights were burning colors of the Lithuanian flag, in the colors of the national flag “painted” Three crosses and the building of Vilnius city hall.

The President of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė on the eve said that “the lesson of March 11, forever inscribed in memory and in the heart of the people: the decisive moment we can and can unite, be resolute, brave, to behave responsibly for our country and for our children’s future”.

Several thousand people March 11, took part in the procession on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in Vilnius, Gediminas Avenue. Most people were carrying small flags. In addition, people carrying the flags of Ukraine and Poland. The procession began at the Independence square after the ceremony of raising flags of the three Baltic States. Speaking at the ceremony were head of the country, over the area flying Dutch fighters, who are now involved in the mission of the air police of NATO in the Baltic States. The participants marched to the Cathedral square.

Meanwhile, the nationalists carried out the stock on the Gediminas Avenue, chanting “Lithuania for Lithuanians” and “Lithuania”. Before the procession, the representatives of the nationalist parties, the Union of the populists protested at the presidential Palace. The marchers carried the placards “Ostrovets NPP is a mortal danger for Lithuania”, “For great Lithuania” and etc. the Last poster reminded the rhetoric of Donald trump — he during the election campaign promised to once again make America great. From the Cathedral square, the procession moved to the Parliament. According to estimates of the police, it was attended by several hundred people. It seems that the event loses its appeal — before the procession gathered more people.

March 11, 2017, the Day of restoration of independence, in Lazdijai was a monument to the commander of the dzūkija partisans, Adolfas to Ramanauskas-Vanagas. The monument by the signatories of the Declaration of the Council of the Lithuanian Union of struggle for the freedom of 16 February 1949, General Ramanauskas-Vanagas was opened on his name square in the heart of the city, opposite the Church. Anna. On Independence square in Lazdijai laid flowers to the monument of Independence, and in Lazdijai the Church. Anna held a solemn service dedicated to the freedom of the Motherland.


The Supreme Council under the office of Vytautas Landsbergis March 11, 1990 adopted the act of restoration of independence. So Lithuania became the first Soviet Republic, which seceded from the Soviet Union.