The expert told about the purpose of the visit of Lukashenko to Ukraine

How would the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus have not sworn a friendly attitude, the confidence factor is still present, especially on the part of Ukraine for training of Russian and Belarusian joint military exercises “West-2017” scheduled for September. About it “Today”, commenting on the official visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Ukraine, said the first Deputy Director of the Institute of world policy Serhiy SOLODKY.

“Ukraine is with Russia at war, so the Russian saber rattling from the territory of Belarus Kiev can not be seen as a manifestation of partnership. Lukashenko has been able to withstand the pressure of Moscow, in many cases, he met with the Ukrainian leadership at a time when Russia was screaming about the junta and the power vacuum. He did not recognize the separatist regimes of Georgia, as wanted in Moscow. However, from time to time of its independence in foreign policy fails: during the voting in the UN General Assembly on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, or now in preparation for the large-scale military exercises of Russia,” said SOLODKY.

According to him, the visit of the Belarusian President to Ukraine should be considered in the context of a broader policy of Kiev to strengthen regional partnerships. “I guess it’s kind of a coincidence, but in recent days we have seen the activity of Ukraine on Moldovan and Georgian directions. Belarus in this context seems to be a logical continuation of the foreign policy towards the countries of our region. With each of the partners to conduct a dialogue not just with Georgia, finally overcome a rather embarrassing pause in the visits of the highest level; not until the end of the forecast approaches the leadership of Moldova. Belarus is a special case that requires special efforts and time, patience”, – said Sergey SOLODKY.

Despite the fact that the official report noted that during the visit of Lukashenko it primarily will focus on trade, it is obvious that security issues will occupy not the last place in the negotiations. “Dialogue in any case is better than conflict; but it is clear that now the relations between Ukraine and Belarus came to a crisis point. The most vivid demonstration of this was the call by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the foreign Ministry of Belarus due to expressed concerns about the Russian-Belarusian exercises. The Ambassador obviously explained Minsk’s concern Ukrainians; now turn Lukashenko to explain to Ukrainians, against whom he is going to “be friends” with Russia”, – said the expert.

Remember, today starts two-day official visit of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Ukraine. According to the press service of the Belarusian President, the main theme of the visit will be trade and economic cooperation. “The focus will be on the current state and prospects of cooperation in the economy, including in such areas as trade, investment, industrial cooperation, a petrochemical complex, energy, agriculture, transport and logistics industry”, – stated in the message.

In a press-service of the Ukrainian President noted that on Friday, July 21, at 11:00 a.m. official welcoming ceremony the leaders of Ukraine and Belarus in the building of the presidential administration. At 12:30 Poroshenko and Lukashenka will come to the press briefing.