In the US robot security guard committed suicide by drowning himself up in the fountain

Yesterday, on July 17 the staff of the Washington shopping center found in fountain guard robot K5. Witnesses of the incident claim that the actions of the robot was similar to the suicide – he went into the fountain and drowned.

Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself.

We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots.

— Bilal Farooqui (@bilalfarooqui) 17 Jul 2017

Steps are our best defense against the Robopocalypse

(Security robot down at Georgetown harbor)

— Peter W. Singer (@peterwsinger) 17 Jul 2017

As eyewitnesses tell, the robotic security guard K5 patrolled adjacent to shopping Mall street. He then drove to the fountain at the entrance to the building and went into the water. The security guard of the shopping centre (people) confirmed that the robot did it yourself.

To the police about the incident is not reported. Robot-drowned from the water removed employees of the shopping center.

It’s a fun day here at @gmmb. The super high-tech security robot at our office complex has had a mishap.

— Greg Pinelo (@gregpinelo) 17 Jul 2017

Representatives of startup Knightscope, whose development is a robot-guard K-5, called an isolated incident and promised to investigate the incident. Shopping center to replace’ll send a new robot security guard.

At the same time, the social network noted the similarity utopicheskoe robot Marvin is a fictional character suffering from depression and boredom, from the cycle of comic novels by British writer Douglas Adams ‘ “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.

This is not the first incident involving the robotic security guard K5. So, in July last year while on patrol he encountered an eight month old child and hit him in the leg. And in April this year the robot was beaten in the Parking lot.