Inviting Netanyahu, macron have used the history of France

According to historian Suzanne Citron, which during the occupation were detained by the Gestapo for her Jewish faith, the President of the Republic made a confusion in the history of France, inviting the Israeli Prime Minister on the anniversary of the RAID “vel’ d IV”.

Inviting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the anniversary of the RAID “vel’ d IV” on July 17, Emmanuel macron enters a dangerous distance in the use of the history of France. He turns it into a tool that lacked this critical historiographical look at the stories of his grandmother.

I was taken into custody July 4, 1944 and liberated by the events of August 17, 1944, and officially deny any justification for the human presence that gives a nod to the abuses and crimes of the Israeli colonization of Palestine. I am totally against the eternal and demagogic blending of anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel.

In addition, I have grave concern the confusion, which immerses us President of the Republic, putting in the first place uncontrolled diplomacy and constantly referring to “his” history of France.