How to find out if you are a hoarder

Passion for hoarding old things junk – hoarder – cluttering up not only flat, but also your head!

In your closet gathering dust old t-shirts if you can use them instead of rags for dusting? In the kitchen there is a shelf for the used disposable cups: and suddenly they go into business? The refrigerator is overdue the sauce: perhaps it is possible to prepare something!

If you are a collector of objects, applications which can not think, it is possible that you are prone to the development of hoarder, says “Home”. Especially if you have such characteristics:

In childhood you have something to collect

Still: stamps, covers from the lemonade or icons. It turns out that people prone to the development of a hoarder, much more often than others, collecting anything at the age of 12-13 years. However, if you before they reach middle age, has still not become Plyushkin, the probability of this decreases every year.

One of your parents was a hoarder

The hoarding can be transmitted with the genes – sure David Tolin, Director, anxiety disorders center in Hartford (USA). This does not mean that if your dad kept in the closet damaged fishing hooks and old Bicycle tire, and you’ll be sure to have a hoarder, however, is a risk factor.

You find it difficult to make a choice

Being in a situation where you have to make a choice, still what (to choose a dish from the restaurant menu, one of the five shirt, the lipstick from the range), you suffer and suffer terribly. You need a lot of time to think about what to choose. Studies of American psychologists have shown that people with hoarder are often indecisive in a situation of choice.

Memories for you have a material form

Almost all my memories of you, so to speak, keep in material form. For example, you have a napkin from your first date, skewers for canapés that were served at your wedding, and so on. Psychologists say that people with hoarder seem to weakly rely on their memory and to remind ourselves to use things. By the way, odors don’t cause them to have no nostalgic feelings!

You love to reuse old things

To make a bag from old jeans? Cut an old dress into rags? To make a potholder from old skirts? Your creativity and imagination know no bounds! The ability to give old things a new life is commendable, but know this: these are the masters of risk getting a hoarder. It is so pity to throw away the old thing, suddenly it is possible to do something?

You have difficulty with concentration

Doing some work, you are constantly distracted and can’t concentrate completely on one thing. This may be a sign of a hoarder.

You – a perfectionist

Yes, perfectionists are more likely than other affected passion for the accumulation of old things! An amazing paradox: they are struggling to create order in your home, but they suck at it.