Revolutions are impossible

The past years have taught us one very important thing, namely the fact that revolutions are not purely an internal affair of the state and its people. This applies not only to Arabs but to all countries in the world: developed, developing, and weak third world countries that include the Arab world.

One of the Arab journalists said at the beginning of the revolution: “the Arabs do not seek to improve their position through revolution. You is strictly prohibited. Major powers who run this world will not allow you to do this. They will not allow you to become free and independent. It’s impossible, otherwise you have to pay for this, shedding rivers of blood. So the best thing you can do is hope to improve conditions for their addiction. Otherwise they will make you pray that you could go back to that time when lawlessness prevailed until your only dream will not go back to the old pens, which you, with the permission of world powers ruled the Arab generals.

That’s why I have repeatedly said that the Arab dictators are not the main perpetrators of repression and persecution against the people. They are more like prison guards, to the position which their appointed third party. In other words, the challenges facing many leaders in our States, determined from abroad. They are not a national decision of the independent States what they want to present to the people. In our world dependent modes and States there is no sovereignty. Each mode operates on the plan that he has prepared for those who brought him to power in this country. First and foremost, these leaders serve foreign States, and then their countries. In other words, before you judge this or that mode, you need to look at the pyramid of power in the world, which is a huge company. It has a management Board, deputies, representatives and messengers. As a consequence, it is not surprising that, according to the Tunisian thinker HaShem, Gait, many of the rulers are nothing more than agents of foreign States, as well as in companies where there are agents on sale of cars, watches, drinks and the list goes on.

No one thought that the peoples of the developed States more freedom in determining their destiny than the Arabs need to face the truth. Perhaps the “masters of the world” treated them better than us, but in fact they are in the same subordinate position.

Recall that the Eastern European countries revolted against Soviet power in the 90-ies of the last century, but today they are not themselves determine their own destiny. On the contrary, they left the Soviet bloc, but fell in Europe. Europe quickly took them under his wing and tips of the United States was dragged into the European Union. Theoretically, this has a positive side, because an aspiration for all the peoples of the third world. However, when you are encouraged to leave the ranks to join the others and speak out against one side or another, it is not real freedom. It’s just moving from one camp to another, what you tried to do with Eastern European States for nearly half a century when they were part of the Soviet Union.


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You can see that in the moment when the countries of Eastern Europe escaped from the Soviet government, they entered into the Western camp. In other words, the West tried to help them become independent and free. The same applies to the Arab Nations that started the revolution. If the Eastern European States which are more advanced than Arab countries, has not allowed to determine their own destiny, and forced to join the transatlantic system and to comply with all its conditions and requirements, it is not surprising that the Arab peoples are not allowed to decide for themselves in the revolution. As a result, we saw an immediate intervention in the Affairs of the region by Russia, the United States and other States that started to direct the revolution in the right way.

Unfortunately, some States aren’t even allowed to go to the next stage, to enable them to become more independent. They simply returned to the old pens, but with a new look. In Syria at the present time do not allow the Syrians to decide their fate, even after all the sacrifices they brought. All that is required of them is to act in the interests of foreign States. In short, the position of weak Nations is no different from the law of the jungle, which States that the strong controls the weak. In this world ruled by primal forces, such as America, Russia, Europe, and other and smaller States, nothing remains but to join one of the camps.