Experts have warned than end up trying to whiten your teeth at home

On the Internet you can find a lot of recipes of traditional bleaching using baking soda, activated charcoal, calcium gluconate and even hydrogen peroxide. Dentists warn that these funds can be not only ineffective but also dangerous, writes “Orthodox”.

The fact that soda is a very strong abrasive that is able to scrub even the scum from the frying pan, and its uncontrolled use can damage the enamel.

“A little less strong, but also unsound abrasives, calcium gluconate, and activated carbon. Yes, these substances are still used in the manufacture of toothpastes, however, dentists recommend to use them yourself. In addition, their action is limited to mechanical cleaning of teeth from plaque, not the actual bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide is indeed used in professional whitening, however, there it is present in other concentrations than the peroxide that we buy in the pharmacy, in addition to professional apply gels and other substances that activates the active substances in the dentin, which is bleached and in fact,” – says Julia Cloud, the head of the log Startsmile.

Relatively safe considered lemon juice and strawberry puree. To apply them on the teeth in any way: lubricating with a cotton swab, rubbing teeth with lemon peel or applying mashed potatoes to the teeth with a toothbrush. After that you should rinse the mouth, after prolonged exposure to fruit acids on the teeth can weaken the enamel.

“It is also worth remembering that after any whitening it is recommended to observe colorless diet. During bleaching the enamel becomes more porous and receptive to dye substances. That is why you should limit the consumption of bright red berries, beets, red wine, some sauces and spices like curry. Furthermore, tea and coffee can leave on teeth plaque is that which remains on the cups. Of course, to completely eliminate the berries or tea is not worth it, but afterwards thoroughly rinse your mouth with clean water. We should also mention Smoking as a strong factor in yellowing teeth. By the way, in some cases, this habit can serve as a contraindication to whitening due to the fact that the plaque returns very quickly”, – the expert adds.