Flynn is ready to cooperate with Congress on the terms of the immunity

Washington — a Former adviser to President Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn expressed his willingness to cooperate with the investigations of Congress who were working on the contacts between the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump and Russia, on the condition that Flynn will provide immunity.

The Wall Street Journal on Thursday first reported that Flynn talks in an attempt to achieve immunity, but nobody has yet agreed to his terms.

“General Flynn definitely has a story to tell, and he really wants to do it, if circumstances permit, said later on Thursday, Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner. — At the moment we will not comment on the details of the discussions between the representative of General Flynn and the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives and the Senate, but will confirm that such negotiations are conducted”.

Kelner added: “No reasonable person… would not submit to questioning in such a politicized atmosphere of a witch hunt with no guarantee that it will not be unfair to prosecute”.

Retired General Flynn was forced to resign as adviser to trump once revealed that he introduced Vice-President Mike Pence in error about their contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

The Committee on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives are trying to figure out worked if someone close to trump with the Russian authorities to interfere in last year’s presidential election.

On Thursday, the experts told a Senate Committee that Russia has engaged in an unprecedented and highly successful campaign to influence American policy during the election campaign.

Opening the hearing, Senator mark Warner said that while no one can predict what kind of results may lead an investigation about intervention of Russia in the presidential campaign of 2016. While the legislator has made it clear that the senators have a very good reason to believe that the members of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump had indeed had contacts with the Kremlin.

“We are going to establish if the fire actually, but now I can say that there is a lot of smoke,” — described the situation Senator Warner.

According to honorary Professor, Georgetown University, former President of the Information center of the national strategy Roy Godson, the story of “Soviet and Russian influence” on various events in the West “has more than 100 years.”

“They believe that recreational activities give them an advantage regardless of the social and economic achievements,” he said.

Roy Godson noted that “for many years (USA) did not take this threat seriously,” even despite the fact that in the 1920s and 1930s, the Soviet Union has created a “huge machine” of the foreign influence.

“They were allies (Second world war), but at the same time worked to weaken the Western democracies, including the United States,” said Godson.

The Director of the program for the study of Russia and Eurasia at the Carnegie endowment Eugene Rumer, in turn, acknowledged that “the 1990-ies was a very bad time for Russia, and very good for the West.”

In his opinion, barely emerging in the early 2000s, the economic recovery Russia used in order to return to the world stage as one of the key players. But the methods used then the Russian leadership was regarded in the West as “revanchism”.

Eugene Rumer confirmed that the armed forces of the Russian Federation have really undergone a major upgrade and now are “among the strongest” in Europe, but has urged not to overestimate these achievements.

“The entire military budget of Russia slightly exceeds the number that is additionally requested by the President, the trump, stating the need to increase U.S. military spending,” said Eugene Rumer.