The attack on tourists in Egypt: Klimkin appealed to Ukrainians

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin recommended that the Ukrainians not to consider other countries for a summer vacation after the deadly attacks on tourists in Egypt. He said this yesterday evening in the television broadcast.

“Think about the possible options,” – said Klimkin, speaking to Ukrainians.
He confirmed that the attack on the red sea resort in Hurghada Ukrainians were not injured.

“But a few hours, we, of course, involved in this tragic situation,” – said the Minister.

“Although the Ukrainians were not injured, but want to use the ether – this is really important. I don’t want to spoil the vacation of any Ukrainian family. I understand dreams about the sea, about a few days. But our safety is most important”, – said Klimkin.

He added that today in Egypt is very difficult and rather tense situation.

We will remind, earlier the Agency Reuters with reference to the representative of security service of the red sea region reported that on 14 July in an attack by a person with a knife at a resort in Hurghada was killed two citizens of Germany and four other tourists injured, two of them – citizens of the Czech Republic, and two others – citizens of Armenia. According to other reports, including the last two could be a citizen of Russia. At first it was reported that the deceased woman – a citizen of Ukraine.

In particular, it was noted that the first striker killed two women and wounded two other tourists in the hotel Zahabia, and then swam to a nearby beach hotel Sunny Days El Palacio, where he attacked at least two people. The assailant was arrested.