Russia insists on gas pipeline project at Bornholm: “It’s just business”

Tensions in the dispute on the construction of the planned Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2” is growing.

While the Danish government recently pleased to learn that the European Commission has supported Denmark in this matter, Russia, for its part, has increased the pressure.

On Thursday, Russia called on European countries, particularly Denmark, did not invent “political pretexts” to prevent gas project worth billions.

“As for Nord stream, we have hundreds of times said that it has nothing to do with politics, it’s just business,” said Sergei Ivanov, the special envoy of the Russian President on ecology and transportation.

On Thursday, Sergei Ivanov meets with Danish foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen (Anders Samuelsen) on the Arctic conference in Arkhangelsk.

Before meeting Ivanov urged Denmark not to politicize the planned extension of the pipeline length of 1.2 thousand kilometers, in which the gas comes from Russia to Germany through Danish territorial waters near Bornholm.

According to the plan, the new pipeline must be in parallel with the existing gas pipeline “Nord stream — 1”.

“If we put aside artificial political excuses, how long has the “Nord stream is -1″? Whether he had during this time any negative effects? This was not” — said Sergey Ivanov.

He promises that the future gas pipeline will meet all required environmental standards.

Ivanov is a former head of the administration of Vladimir Putin, it is believed that he is in the inner circle of the President. At the same time he announced the possibility of construction of several pipelines near Bornholm.

“If any European companies will be interested, we are ready to build the third and fourth thread “Nord stream” together with them”, — said Ivanov on the question Berlingske.

Application during the week

After this message, Russia has increased pressure on the Danish government, since the project needs to obtain environmental approval to Denmark prior to the implementation.

According to the company Nord Stream 2, it is expected that the application will be submitted to Denmark for the week.

But the Danish government fears not only the environmental, but also geopolitical consequences of the pipeline.

“Nord stream — 2” can be costly suffering from a crisis of Ukraine due to the loss of income from the transit at an existing onshore pipeline.

“Nord stream — 2” can also strengthen Europe’s dependence on Russian gas at a time when Russia and the West are strong fears caused by the growth of armaments and mutual accusations in connection with the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

Against this background, the government aims to make the issue of “North stream” the subject of a General decision of the European Union.

The European Commission Wednesday in a letter to Ministers of Denmark and Sweden went to meet some of the Danish government. According to the text of the letter, the Commission wants to consult with the EU regarding the resolution to begin negotiations with Russia about the requirements for projects such as “Nord stream — 2”.

But at the same time, the Commission repeated its previous estimate, namely, at the moment there is no legal reason to stop the pipeline construction because offshore pipelines are not subject to the so-called Third energy package.

According to the Minister for foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen (Anders Samuelsen), for Denmark this letter is good news.

“We managed to find out the views of the Commission on this matter, and we are very happy. Currently the Danish government is studying the letter and still hopes for a pan-European offer. We believe that we should not be alone in addressing this issue,” said Anders Samuelsen, before the meeting with Sergey Ivanov.

Anders Samuelsen on Wednesday met with Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. At this meeting the question of a Russian pipeline was not discussed, said the Minister of foreign Affairs.