What power will fill the “cultural basket” of Ukrainian

The Cabinet has made a commitment in 2017 to approve the “minimum cultural basket” of Ukrainian. Responsible for innovation will be the Ministry of culture and its main elements will be the theatres, libraries and art education. “Today,” found out in what stage the work on “kultaseni”.

6 BOOKS A YEAR. The idea of “minimum cultural basket” appeared in February of this year. In the framework of decentralization, the Ministry of culture attended to in order at the level of communities of Ukrainians received professional services koltsevidnyh (libraries, museums, theatres). Note that the question of cultural low for our country, partially stipulated in the consumer basket, which the government last revised in October 2016. According to her, each year, the Ukrainians should be able to buy half a dozen books, and six times a year to visit institutions of culture (theaters, museums, clubs, zoos, concert halls).

“BASKET” THEATRES. However, the government believe that this is not enough and are prepared until July to adopt a “cart” minimum cultural needs. “This will help the formation of a unified information and cultural space and provide guarantees for the population, the issue of obtaining cultural services and equal access to them,” — noted in the Ministry of culture. That is, the basket will set a minimum of cultural services that the Ukrainians in any case will be. The Ministry told us that in the process they have is already working on a project for the purchase of modern Ukrainian literary and musical works. The aim of this work is to update the repertoire of Ukrainian theaters. This parallel is also developing a new concept finpodderzhki theatres from the budget to make them more accessible. To finish the plan before the end of this year.

LIBRARIES AND CLUBS. In addition, work is underway on the preservation of libraries. So, the head of Department of the Ministry of culture on language policy and literature Larisa Nikiforenko, said that over the past year in Ukraine has closed about 1200 libraries. However, she adds that the introduction of “kultaseni” will allow them to save.
Significant efforts are focused on working on artistic circles on the ground (khudshkoly, music school). Except that in high school will increase the number of hours of artistic disciplines, planning in the Ministry of culture to revise the curriculum in circles. According to Deputy Minister of culture Svetlana Fomenko, they are working on tools and mechanisms that will allow to avoid further closure of Chudsky and circles. “One of these mechanisms and should be a “cultural basket”, that is, a list of services that should be provided in a separate terramatch,” she says. Another such mechanism, according to Fomenko, should be appropriate changes in the draft law “On education”, which today passed in the first reading.

“While on the shopping cart just heard”

Experts doubt the viability of the initiative of the Ministry of culture. “I don’t quite understand how the project “cultural basket” arranged inside. For example, if the intention was that people would be allocated some additional funds from the budget or Vice versa people will be able to obtain these goods and services for free? If Yes, then this is a good project. If it is assumed that this is sort of a living wage, and we propose this and not other method to allocate their funds, it is not quite fair to the citizens who are deprived of the most necessary things. After all, to people have had the opportunity to incorporate culture into everyday life, they should be additional funds,” says art Manager Katherine Taylor. In turn, the deputies on the initiative of the “minimal cultural basket” I do not know yet virtually nothing. Thus, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on culture and spirituality Nicholas knyazhytsky said that on the initiative heard, but did not know the details, and his Deputy, Viktor yelenskyi, said her first discussion in the Ministry of culture will be held tomorrow.