Turkey’s demand for air shield and s-400

Once in Syria, the civil war began, Turkey has taken place on the side of the opposition, military aircraft and missile batteries belonging to the Syrian regime, Iran, Russia, aimed at Turkey, which prompted Ankara to urgent searches of air defense systems.

Patriot battery stationed in Turkey within a NATO framework, were removed and our allies in a time when we most needed them. This decision showed how timely our search.

The reality is that Turkey urgently needed air defense system. In the period when the situation in the region and the world so complicated, we need a system of air and missile defense, so we can neutralize enemy aircraft, tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones and helicopters into Turkish airspace. In the process of tension in our relations with Russia, Turkey saw in its security and air defense it can count only on themselves.

To meet this need Turkey first knocked at the door of the United States, producing missile systems Patriot. Four batteries American company offered a price of four billion dollars. In addition, the company agreed to the transfer of technology. Turkey wanted to buy one battery and three battery — producing in Turkey together with the American company and to launch joint projects in this sphere. But the United States did not go for it. They were agreed only for sale. In other words, as always, in the Middle East, they were guided by the logic of “We only sell the missiles, you pay forward, and if we do a deal through the Senate, then we will give them to you.” It should be noted that Turkey has great experience in this matter, including, for example, the process of acquiring “Awacs”. So the purchase of four batteries of the “Patriot” with about 300 warheads, refused.

Then Turkey turned to France. We claimed the system of air and missile defense large and medium-range Aster SAMP/T produced by the EuroSam consortium, supported by the French and Italian governments. With the French there were protracted negotiations. Agreed to buy four batteries for $ 3.8 billion. The French established a very long time — 50 months. More than four years. But the hot events in our region did not allow them to survive. Besides the question of technology transfer they acted reluctantly. Such an attitude towards Turkey’s desire to somehow participate in the project, as well as in the negotiations with the United States, frankly, was not regarded as sincere behavior. To the request of Turkey on temporary placement of the batteries and replace them in four years, too, reacted without enthusiasm.

Turkey put a lot of effort to satisfy their need for air shield primarily by any member country of NATO. But unable to get the desired result.

Then Turkey turned to China, one of the few countries in the world producing this kind of system. Turkey claimed the Chinese missile complex long-range FD-2000. China was a long and very productive negotiating process, in which Turkey did not pay attention to the reaction of NATO and especially of some members of the Alliance. As a result, China reached an agreement involving joint production, technology transfer, training and development of joint projects. But due to the persistent disagreement of the Minister of national defence and chief of General staff at the time the agreement was not signed. The Chinese government expressed dissatisfaction and openly gave Turkey that everything is destroyed and abandoned halfway.

Despite the negative outcome of the negotiations, Turkey has not stopped his search to the air shield, taking into account the tensions in the region. There was one country with which Turkey had not discussed the purchase of air defense systems long range — Russia…

Russia — the country that produces the most efficient, high-quality, the farthest air defense system in the world. Range s-400 is two times higher than similar missiles. Attention here should be paid to the fact that Turkey pretends not to the known s-300 and s-400 system of a new generation. S-400 can simultaneously track a larger number of targets. The complex has developed electronic countermeasures. He is able to track the planes-ghosts.

I met a Russian arms broker, acting as an intermediary in the sales, which the Russian government and arms companies is carried out in other countries. I got quite a lot of information related to the negotiations held to date between Turkey and Russia on the issue of missiles s-400, and now reached the stage. In Turkey, I couldn’t find confirmation of this information. But what I said seemed very logical and interesting. When Turkey sat at the negotiating table with Russia, it did not want intermediaries. And brokers concerned about the situation. Russian and Turkish officials held talks with eye to eye.

Missile systems s-400 by far the best in its class. Russia, despite requests, did not sell s-400 to any country except China. It is argued that Turkey has agreed with Russian firm-producer for the purchase of two batteries, equipped with 240 missile warheads, multi-function radar detection and targeting, for $ 2.5 billion.

It is believed that two batteries of s-400 are equivalent to others chetyrehsotletnem systems (Patriot, SAMP/T, the FD-2000). In other words, the system s-400 equivalent chetyrehbalnoy the Patriot system with 300 rocket warheads. It is reported that the first battery of s-400 will be made within two and a half years and delivered to Turkey. And the second battery will be made for one year, and for the most part in Turkey. When the second battery also implies the transfer of technology, implementation of joint projects, the continuation of production.


© RIA Novosti, Sergey Guneev | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a meeting. May 3, 2017

Our source said another important point. He says that the two countries signed a preliminary agreement for the purchase and cooperation. Turkey will pay part of the amount of $ 2.5 billion, with about one-half billion dollars will be provided through a loan, which will provide Russia. If the information we have received is correct, and this agreement will be developed and implemented, Turkey will become the most advanced to date air defense system, and compared with other systems it is cheaper for one and a half billion dollars before one-half years. In addition, through technology transfer Turkey to satisfy the rest of your needs. It will implement joint projects with today’s best company in this field. Turkey will complete this complex. She will adjust the identification system of “friend-enemy”, the frequency will carry out the adaptation of the software.

Anyone else besides China, Russia will not sell s-400. Greece, a member of NATO, uses the s-300 system. Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania using missiles s-300 and s-200. Even a single NATO member has no s-400. Turkey will be the first. In addition, Turkey and Russia are considering new forms of cooperation in the field of defense industry. As far as I understand the process of s-400 in principle completed. Bureaucracy deals with the details of this matter.