No rest: why you should look for a summer job

Summer is a great time to relax, what do not want to think about work, especially to do with finding her. But this is a wrong attitude: do not rush to be the provocation that supposedly in the summer all the business processes of freeze heads with acarai go on vacation, and hiring of staff deferred to the autumn.

This is partially true, said and with four arguments why you should not stop your job search during the summer.

1. Opens in the summer seasonal jobs

Before and during the summer season employers create more jobs. People are looking for? Workers in the agriculture, builders and repairmen, counselors and medical personnel in camps and sanatoriums, animators and dancers, nannies and Tutors.

Yes, this is a seasonal part time job, but who knows, perhaps a temporary job will become mainstream in the future. You always have the chance to prove himself a good expert and even promoted. It is not excluded that next summer hire staff will have you.

Besides, not all work — time. For example, sellers, promoters and sales managers are in demand regardless of the time of year.

2. The needs of the company are not dependent on seasons

In the summer the level of demand for staff remains approximately the same as in any other season. Of course, in this period, the company did not publish job offers on the portals as active as in the fall or spring, but publish.

Thus, according to the analysts site in June 2017, employers placed an average of 3.5 thousand vacancies on a daily basis (excluding weekends).

Sometimes it happens that the summer Manager is not so busy main objectives and it appears free time to deal with open questions on recruitment. In addition, the selling campaign exacerbates the problem of understaffed state for hrs and need to solve it.

Why not relax, check the ad every day, among them can be yours.

3. In the summer less competition

Despite the fact that the summer recruitment was not canceled, recruiters complain that it is time to find an employee more difficult. It and is clear — applicants are more attracted to holiday by the sea or weeding beds in the country than finding jobs and going through interviews. They will postpone the issue of employment, they say, still it’s the off season, the search is useless, but interesting in the fall vacancies will be more. Some experts even refuse job offers and respond that would be willing to consider it in September.

For active candidates, this position is just at hand. Catch the moment. When competitors have withdrawn, to apply for a job will be a little easier.

4. In the summer you have more energy

In summer it is easier to get up in the morning and keep myself in shape, to stay alert and energetic during the day. So why not to take advantage of this productivity? You should update your resume, send it to any jobs, practice interview skills. Because you can make it twice! And why put off till tomorrow what you can do right now?

If you managed to get a job in the summer, you will have another plus. According to HR managers, employees to adapt easier in a new place. The pressure head is less (or not at all, if he’s on vacation), the atmosphere is relaxed, because the new projects are about to launch. Many companies hold corporate events, which often help the newcomer to find his way into the team.