How to use the air conditioner in the car, not to get sick: five lifehacks

Air conditioning in the summer helps to cope with the heat and stuffy air. However, besides the convenience of cool air from the air conditioner can also cause colds in the summer.

When the temperature of the air in the street is nearing 30, and the temptation to turn the heat down very high.

How to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin and not to catch a cold, says a “New time”.

Life hack 1. Ventilate the interior before you start the car. First, for some time your car was closed, the air in it is clearly not the most recent, that is not very good for the respiratory tract. Second, the ventilation will reduce the temperature of the air which is heated in a confined space and the difference is already much lower, the effect of the conditioning will come faster. You can ride with the Windows open and not wait in the Parking lot – so the faster the air will ventilate the cabin.

Life hack 2. Now turn on the cooling by directing the air flow so as not to be in the midst of the cold. Not recommended to put the lowest possible cooling. Due to this, you avoid the sudden drop in temperature, which causes the disease.

The difference is considered non-hazardous 7 degrees, and a comfortable temperature of the room/interior — 22-24 degrees.If you have climate control, just set the temperature. With the usual conditioning. Put average mode. Yes, the effect will have to wait longer, but you will not catch a cold.

Life hack 3. Keep Windows closed – so you avoid the drop and maintain a stable temperature.

Life hack 4. Change your cabin filters. They are bacteria that accumulate and get into the lungs along with the air flow, causing the development of viruses. This is not worth saving.

Lifehack 5. Air circulation in the cabin with an open door. Of course, for the speedy cooling damper supply air outside is better than closed, but in the way don’t forget to open it. The air conditioner is not difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin, and you can breathe the outdoor air, which is significantly cleaner than in the cabin.

And for traveling long distances to sixth lifehack. On long trips ventilate the interior every 1-2 hours. From conditioning, the air becomes dry, and it is harmful to mucous membranes.