In Belarus clearly explained who is to blame for the war in the Donbas

The current situation in the Donbass on the conscience of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine death and destruction would not exist. This was stated by Belarusian writer, winner of the Nobel prize for literature Svetlana Aleksievich, the “Apostrophe” with reference to the Russian news Agency “REGNUM”.

During an interview with a Russian journalist told her that the cause of war in the East of Ukraine were “draft laws on the prohibition of the Russian language,” to which the writer replied sharply, “And unless there were no Russian tanks, Russian weapons, Russian contractors? All this garbage. If it were not for your weapons, there would be no war.”

“Yes, there is pain, there is fear. But it’s on your conscience, on the conscience of Putin. Have you invaded another country, on what basis?”, – asks the author.

In addition, she reminded that there were a lot of photos, which recorded the movement of Russian equipment on the territory of Donbass.

Earlier, the former Putin adviser Andrey Illarionov stated that invading Ukraine, Russia has violated several international and Russian laws, that has become a stain on Russian history.