Trump, Putin and their tense two-hour meeting

Faced two big ego, but then each of them spoke about it in his own way.

Moscow said that Donald trump agreed with the explanation which presented Vladimir Putin after their meeting in Hamburg. Talking about the statement, according to which Russia did not intervene hacker attacks in the American presidential election last year.

However, in the U.S. believe otherwise. Talking about the acceptability of such explanations in such an important issue for the world is impossible, and in the U.S. statement said only that the trump listened to the explanation of Putin, joined with him in “intense dispute” and then suggested that due to insurmountable disagreements between the parties to move on to other topics.

So where is the truth? At the first meeting, the two leaders attended — in addition to the two translators who have given a subscription about nondisclosure — two Ministers of foreign Affairs (Sergei Lavrov and Rex Tillerson). But they are so contradictory was told about what was going on for more than two hours behind closed doors.

In short, the truth is likely we will never know. And it’s bad for the world, which is shaken by the Kremlin of great-power aggression and behavior trump, short-tempered and fickle bawlers and egocentric.

Of course, formally, the leaders had agreed, say, on the mechanism to prevent direct confrontation of the two armies in the South-East of Syria.

That in itself is not so little.

Today in this war-torn part of the country, the Americans seek to prevent the creation of a single zone, controlled by the Shia, from Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon down to the Mediterranean sea. “Middle Eastern Shiite arc”, usually called the zone, is a strategic goal of the Iranian Ayatollah who want to achieve a symbolic territorial hegemony.

It’s terrifying, first and foremost, the Sunni States such as Saudi Arabia. Not to mention Israel. He is extremely afraid of the enormous supply of weapons that can go from Iran to the Lebanese terrorist movement Hezbollah, which is fighting for the destruction of the Jewish state.

So if thus trump beat the Iranians of today who are Russian allies, that is wonderful news.

But Putin would not be Putin, if he did not understand. What he got instead, if he went to this concession? We don’t know. It is also impossible to assume any real can be achieved by the special American envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker, the appointment of whom was agreed at a meeting. Will this person, for example, to get Russian recognition of what they are in July three years ago brought down the Malaysian plane with 300 passengers aboard, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur? There are probably a thousand circumstantial evidence that the crime was committed with the use of missiles launched from a Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft complex assigned to a base in Kursk and provided by the Moscow anti-Ukrainian rebels.

However, it still lacks one thing: that the Russians have admitted and stopped and pathetic to blame it on Ukrainians.

In General, the meeting in Hamburg will eventually go down in history, but only in Ukrainian or Syrian context.

Importantly, striving to prevent in the future the Russian “active measures” (as from the time of the Soviet Union in the jargon of “KGB agents” referred to the intervention in public life in the West) ended rather as a farce. For a different outcome trump would have to respond to threats with all the assurances by Putin that Russia had not stolen the emails of people Hillary Clinton. Trump would, for example, to say that if this continues, the U.S. will immediately increase military presence in the countries-members of the NATO Alliance, Russia’s neighbour.

But trump just said, “Okay, Mr Putin, we have different opinions, let’s discuss some other issues” — and thereby he effectively gave the Kremlin leader carte Blanche to continued hacker attacks, dissemination of false news by means of imaginary news servers and so on.