Sugary drinks during pregnancy lead to obesity in children – scientists

Sugar sweetened drinks during pregnancy may lead to obesity in children. Reported by scientists by publishing the results of their research in the journal Pediatrics.

This conclusion was made in the course of observations for 1078 mothers and their children. Mothers filled out questionnaires, which indicated what type of beverages they drank during pregnancy (soda, fruit juice, water), how often and to what extent.

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It is noted that, when the children went to school, 25% of them were obese or overweight. The mother of most of them during pregnancy drank at least two servings (cans or cups) of sugary drinks a day. The consumption of sugar by children in the results are not affected.

As the scientists explain, the metabolism of the fetus depends on the environment, including maternal nutrition. And excessive consumption of sugary drinks during fetal development can lead to predisposition of children to obesity. Therefore, the authors recommend pregnant women to substitute soda and juices for water.