Russia is celebrating the meeting between Putin and trump

Moscow — on Saturday, after the first personal meeting of the US President Donald trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the Russian capital was gripped elation: Mr. Putin said that the American President was satisfied with his answers to the question about the hacker attack and that in these negotiations the leaders failed to lay the groundwork for establishing relations.

During a press conference in Hamburg, answering the question about the allegations of hacker attacks during the presidential elections in the United States, Mr. Putin said that Mr. trump has given this subject quite a long time and asked many questions.

“I was able to respond, answered all these questions, — said Mr. Putin. — I think he took note of and agreed”.

Every time he was asked about that, would you believe Mr. trump to him about Russian interference in the elections, Mr. Putin replied that the reporter should ask the President of the United States.

One Russian tabloid called the meeting “historic.” Overall, it was evident that many felt a sense of relief, because this meeting, though did not lead to the conclusion of specific agreements, are still allowed to stop the process of deterioration of relations and to establish contact between the two countries.

This meeting laid the Foundation for the second, third and fourth meetings, which will be taken important decisions, as written on his Facebook page Sergei Markov, a political commentator associated with the Kremlin. He was glad to return to “normal contacts”, which, according to him, was destroyed by Mr. Obama trying to isolate Russia after the annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

But in the midst of General rejoicing in Moscow there were also warnings regarding the gap that often arises between the words and deeds of Mr. trump. Moreover, many people understand that the attitude of Russia in the USA still remains negative.

The main outcome of the meeting of the leaders of the USA and Russia, held on Friday, July 7, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg and lasted more than two hours, was the recognition that the agreement between them is possible. And the fact that the two leaders met personally for the first time after the election trump, had far more significance than the absence of significant breakthroughs.

“It is very important that they finally met, because if you look at the history of relations between Washington and Moscow, it becomes clear that these relations always depended on the personal contact between the two leaders, said Andrey Kortunov, Director, Russian international Affairs Council. They defended their positions, but tried to preserve the possibility for future compromise.”

Reports of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, who attended the meeting between the two leaders, differ from each other in several important parts.

Mr. Tillerson noted that Mr. trump had discussed with Mr. Putin on the subject of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 during a “dynamic and long” conversations. According to the statement of Mr. Lavrov, Mr. trump took refutation of Mr. Putin.

“Believe Lavrov,” — said the representative g-on Putin Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with reporters on Saturday, July 8, when he was asked about the differences in the comments of foreign Ministers. In this regard, some Russian officials have expressed particular delight.

“The neocons in his frenzy — tweeted Alexei Pushkov, a former Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for foreign policy, referring to neoconservatives in the United States. — Trump has taken Putin’s words about the Russian non-interference in elections in the United States. He doesn’t want to stand at the bus stop “anti-Russian” hysteria”. He added: “Trump was important to hear Putin: because it is fed in Washington information gruel, mixed with the fakes. And to understand that they are consonant.”

Mr. Putin apparently tried to break the ice with Mr. trump, talking about his problems with the media in the United States. Mr. Putin pointed to members of the press, who were allowed to photograph the leaders before the meeting, and, if you believe the tweet of one of the members of the Kremlin press pool, said: “these were you bullied?” In response, trump said, “You’re right about that”.

During his press conference, Mr. Putin said that the U.S. and Russia cooperate in the process of creating “zones of de-escalation” in Syria a “huge step forward”. He noted that now we need to agree on what are the specific boundaries of these areas and how will you ensure safety in these areas. “It is very hard, at first glance, even tedious, but very important and responsible job”, — he stressed.

The Russian President also noted that, from his point of view, America’s position on Syria is becoming more “pragmatic,” because now she realizes that by joining forces parties can accomplish more.

These words became the reason for elation on the part of certain representatives of Moscow. “It became clear that trump recognizes the serious intentions of the Russian Federation in Syria and wants to be involved in the process of resolving the situation in this country, to be involved in the solution of problems in Syria, together with Russia”, — quotes the words of Adalbi Shkhagoshev, member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs, Russian news Agency TASS.

However, some Russian analysts also noted that the administration of the tramp it is necessary to clearly define its position on Syria and that the old agreement on a ceasefire failed. Despite the existence of common ground between the US and Russia there are many serious differences — especially the confrontation of America Iran’s efforts to influence the course of the Syrian war to expand its zone of influence in the middle East.

But, while the parties maintain a dialogue with each other, there is the belief that clashes between American and Russian military in Syria. “In General the public reaction was positive because people were concerned about how this confrontation could end,” said Mr. Kortunov.

In General, the Russian side recognizes that this is only a first step and that many senior officials of the administration of the trump, such as the US defence Secretary Jim Mattis (Jim Mattis), take a tougher stance on Syria and Ukraine.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, who often took part in complex negotiations at the highest level, appreciated the results of the first personal meeting of the two presidents, noting that trump was acting “unpredictable”.

“If he says so more about the meeting, that’s fine, — transfers words g-on Gorbachev independent Agency “Interfax”. — Now the most important thing to be followed by concrete steps to implement the agreements.”

Given the level of hostility of the US towards Russia, existing in the present moment, to embody the understanding in life can be difficult.

“We still don’t know whether the President trump the possibility to take concrete measures to enforce these agreements because Washington still has an extremely negative attitude to Russia, — said Mr. Kortunov. Washington will be very suspicious of any of his agreements.”

According to Mr. Kortunov and other analysts, outright hostility to the United States, especially on Russian state television and government structures can become an obstacle for establishing relations between countries. Immediately after the meeting, Russian media reported nothing about the discussions of those issues on which Moscow has focused on the eve of the negotiations, in particular the question of the return of two Russian diplomatic complexes, which the U.S. government seized in December.

Mr. Putin also wanted to use this meeting to one step closer to its objective of strengthening the influence of Russia on the global stage and projecting his own will, which is of special importance for the Russian audience, which in 2018 will again choose the President.

“I hope so, — he told, answering a question about whether his meeting with Mr. trump to establish relations between Moscow and Washington. — It seems to me that certain preconditions for this are created”.

“As for personal relationships, I believe they are installed, he added. I don’t know how it sounds, but I will say this, as I see it. Trump’s “television” is very different from a real person, it is a particular brand, absolutely adequately perceive the interlocutor, quickly analyzes and responds to questions or emerging in the course of the discussion some new elements.”

Mr. Putin twice ignored questions about the statement by Mr. trump in Warsaw, in which he urged Russia to stop “destabilizing actions in Ukraine and other countries.” Mr. Putin also said that he is unfazed by the prospect of competition with the USA for the right to supply gas to Poland, as gas supplies are irrelevant to politics.

Audiences in both countries extremely closely followed the behavior of the leaders of the United States and Russia. Although a specialist in body language, invited the BBC, felt that the winner at this meeting was Mr. trump, a Russian expert, who gave an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, disagreed with him.

According to him, Mr. Putin radiated confidence, while Mr. Trump it was not enough, as evidenced by the fact that he was sitting on the edge of the chair. Mr. Putin “controlled the situation and set the tone,” said the expert, adding that in General, at this meeting the “psychological victory” was won by the President of Russia.