What you need to carry in the trunk of your car so that you can solve any problem

It is no secret that traveling by car is not only good and fun, but also possible unpleasant surprises associated with breakdowns. To minimize the effects of traffic problems, based on his 20 years of experience driving journalist “Today” has compiled a list of necessary items that you need to be on hand in the car, and prepared tips on how to choose them.

The first aid kit especially not dwell: they are sold with. Also not to mention the brush-Skrepka to clean glasses from ice and snow in winter, warning triangle, Jack and bottled key: their purpose and the need is obvious.

But about the rest of the useful Zip talk (in the army stands for “supply of tools and accessories”).

1. A fire EXTINGUISHER. He’s like a spare tire: just like the extra space in the car is. But if I need it, and it is not — bitten elbows! It is better to choose powder: it is less effective than carbon dioxide, but it is safer in operation. The minimum for the car — type OP-2 with capacity of 2.6 L. It is reusable, it is recommended to recharge when the arrow of a pressure gauge outside the green zone. Service life — 10 years. The price is 170 UAH.

2. TOW ROPE. We recall the rules of the road it needs to be 4-6 m long. Shorter threat: under heavy braking the car may encounter. What is sold on the market, both flat and round, at the price of 100-200 UAH, is not necessary: it can withstand a load of 200-300 kg at the stated 2,5—3,5 tons and can tear at the slightest pull. Such cables need to carry at least two in reserve. Quality the cable is 400-500 UAH, and claimed the burden should be 6-8 t — triple-quintuple stock weight of the car. Lovers to ride on the road is to buy a dynamic rope with a length of 8-9 m, which works like a spring: first stretches, then shrinks and with a jerk pulls the stuck car. But the price bites — from 1300 UAH 8 meters.

3. STARTING JUMPER CABLES. Especially needed in the cold, if your battery is 3-4 years or more, and he never was charged with using a charger. To help to start to many motorists, but sometimes nothing. Therefore, it is better to have your wires. Reliable and safe cigarette lighter should be copper, not aluminum plated with copper to have a diameter of at least 6 sq mm, length 2-4 m, the elastic insulation of silicone rubber and powerful the clamps,”crocodiles.” All this is necessary because the starting current reaches 100 amps, thin wire can melt. And because of the greater resistance of aluminium compared to copper, the voltage at the battery terminals of the car-a recipient may drop below 9 volts and the car won’t start. There are good leads from 500 UAH.

4. SPADE. Many suggest to buy a folding shovel. But experience shows that it is expensive and inconvenient to use, and flimsy. Best of all — army small sapper shovel, which can clear the road, to dig the sunken car etc, and if need be — even to fend off angry dogs and bullies. Regular place it under the driver’s seat. Price sapper — from 50 UAH, folding — from 250 UAH.

5. WATER. Better drinking 2-3 liter bottle. It is possible and to quench the thirst, and to wash hands and refill if necessary in the tanks washer windshield and rear window.

6. SOAP, WET WIPES, PAIR OF GLOVES. Most needed when replacing a broken wheel in muddy weather. Price — 20-30 UAH for everything.

7. RAGS. No comment. Free.

8. BUCKET. Do not smile. We are not talking about a 8-10 litre capacity, and even a children’s bucket, and glued on rubber or PVC (fabric, used to make inflatable boats) 4-5-liter soft bucket. Trunk space it takes up minuscule and often comes in handy. For example, if it is necessary in the path to scoop up water from a river or lake to wash the mud lights, glass, taillights, etc. the question Price — 100-120 UAH. Well, if money sorry, you can replace the bucket durable plastic bag.

9. MEANS FOR WASHING OF GLASSES. Necessary as the water in the washer tank is ineffective in bad weather, when road dirt mixed with the remnants of autoweblaw falls on the windshield, and occasionally have to clean it up. As well as for cleaning other Windows and mirrors. Price — from UAH 10-12/bottle.

10. KNIFE, SCREWDRIVER, ADJUSTABLE WRENCH. The purpose of the knife obviously, the screwdriver will help, such as replacing the wipers (pull tab attachment), and an adjustable wrench are needed to tighten or, if necessary, Unscrew the nuts fastening the battery terminals. The price for all — from 50 UAH.

11. A SET OF WIPERS. Especially necessary in winter when the rubbers on the windshield wipers may fail due to ice. There were times when the wipers broke the vandals-pedestrians, “punish” the driver for Parking on the sidewalk. It is desirable to have at least one windshield wiper, because the movement without it, the driver’s side in the rain and snow is prohibited. Price — depending on the type of car and quality “janitor”.

12. ENGINE OIL. It is no secret that the engine little by little “eats” the oil and have it topped up. Price — 120-200 UAH/liter.

13. BRAKE FLUID. If the level in the control reservoir drops below the minimum due to evaporation, the ride becomes dangerous. Price — from 60 UAH/liter.

14. ANTIFREEZE. Need, when you need to refill it in the cooling system. Because antifreeze is gradually evaporates, and can cause leakage. In the summer you can add water, but then before winter will have to change the coolant to not freeze. The price is 40 to 50 l per 1 L.

15. BAG OR TOOL BOX. You have lots of options to fit all of the above, except the fire extinguisher and shovel. Price — from 0 kopecks per bag, made independently, up to 400 UAH per autoexec made in China.