Poroshenko insists on consideration of the pension reform in Parliament

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko insists on the consideration of pension reform to the Verkhovna Rada (VR) on this plenary week. This was at a meeting of the conciliatory Council of leaders of factions and chairmen of the committees said the representative of the President in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko.

“The head of state insists on consideration during this plenary week the pension reform. The adoption of the bill will allow to recalculate the pensions 5.6 million of the most vulnerable pensioners. Overall, the increase in pensions will affect 11 million pensioners”, – said Lutsenko.

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According to her, the proposed changes in pension provision include, in particular, the abolition of the taxation of pensions, compensation to pensioners who do not have the necessary seniority, the recalculation of pensions of the military who took part in liquidation of Chernobyl disaster.

We will remind, the Cabinet has submitted to Parliament a draft pension reform. While access to the full text of the bill on pension reform.

The pension reform increases the retirement age, but introduces requirements insurance experience: for retirement at age 60 will need to have 25 years of experience. If you experience 15 – 25 years of retirement will be to go in 63 years, less than 15 years – 65 years. People who have no insurance experience, can apply for social assistance upon reaching the age of 63. The amount of assistance will be determined on the basis of the family income of the pensioner.

All of the minimum insurance period will increase by 1 year every 12 months until 2028. Thus, from 2028 to retire at 60 will need to have 35 years of insurance experience.

The reform also cancels the appointment of civil servants pension for years of service and enters a single formula for calculating pensions, which binds it to the volume of contributions to the Pension Fund for life.

In the framework of the pension reform is also planned from October 1 this year to increase pensions, and to abolish the taxation of pensions to working pensioners.