Not to be zoroastro

“The only way to get rid of dragons is to have your own.”

“The dragon”. E. Schwartz

With Parallels you always have to be very careful. Parallels — all great liars, though the cheat, by and large, the building blocks of the education of the younger generation, because it is easier to show an example than to explain the principles. A long time ago in the matrix played fairy tale characters, in the last few decades the movie stars lately — the characters in video games.

And so it turns out that Gerda from “the Snow Queen”, Pavlik, Chuck Norris and Legion Commander from Dota2 establishes the standards of conduct with which every self-respecting child compares their actions. “Should I be killed for the sake of a loved one?” — asks a question the child, and although he says: “And how!”. “Is it worth it to take the Pope for the celebration of a society of equality?” — asks another child. “For this we need to take dad and mom, and anyone!”, — tells Pasha.

States like people. They, too, are born, go to kindergarten, grow up, grow wiser (or not), become stronger (or not), learn from their mistakes (or not). They often dry, sometimes drink too much and go crazy. In this sense, the desire to find themselves in others — purely for children, but inevitable for a country that is experiencing the most difficult and critical stage in its short history and seeking with the help of historical examples to find the proper standards of conduct.

Among the worthy and not very occasions in the course of political discussions and private roundtables called: Israel, Croatia, UK (in Northern Ireland), Russia (Chechnya), Colombia, Sri Lanka, Austria (in the Western part of Tyrol), Papua New Guinea and all countries of the coalition in the Second world war, especially the Soviet Union (in terms of, for example, a hypothetical broadcast of German radio stations in Moscow in 1942). All depending on the political views and breadth of the horizons, although the example of the Soviet Union why-that particularly inspired by the Patriotic public.

I must say, this sin’t just us. So, Northern Ireland has turned his own, I must say a very controversial experience of settlement in export goods, which, by the way, intends to offer the Arab-Israeli colleagues. Sometimes, of course, the eggs are teaching the hen, it happens…

But the trick is that all these examples of how warlike and peacekeeping, does not apply to Ukraine, which is as unique as any other country. And nature of this war is unusual not because it was invented by the Russian General staff, but because he is arrogant and cynical way have used the characteristic features of the country, including how certain (but not critical), regional differences, and the irresponsibility and greed of the national elite, ignored the need of nation-building and used it as a cash cow.

Instead of trying to come up with, would prohibit Russian social network, Golda Meir or put Guzhva (chief editor of the Ukrainian edition Stranaya — approx. ed.), Churchill (Stalin, no questions), we should understand how we see ourselves in the near future. And when you understand, all the answers will draw on their own.

It is very important that the foreign policy priorities and internal development vector in this sense is inextricably linked. If Ukraine — agrarian and urban, she will be absolutely unable to feed much of the population and can be effective sending somewhere 15 million people. Then it will be a completely different country and it would be more honest and call it differently.

If it is all the same, unreformed, outdated commodity industry, it will not be competitive not only in the world, but even in the regional aspect and doomed to slow extinction. The challenge of development can not be solved by cutting off sectors, territories and people, but also to preserve without long and patient work of modernization does not make sense.

She is democratic or not? Not in the sense of “during the war”, and in General? Because democracy has principles, which distinguish it from other forms of government. Principles that do not change even in times of disasters. Not the thumb on the banners, and the unwritten, if you want. But the principles, which is especially important to note the use of necessary condition of efficiency, in other words — with the head.

It would seem that democratic countries less successful in the fight with the barbarians, as the barbarians themselves. There is a temptation to offer them and to use themselves to fight against the dark forces of their own methods — a club, a sling, an axe, and most importantly — the angry mob.

But democratic countries are such because it protects every individual and the country as a whole state, which is to fight terrorists, protect its citizens, asks the right to invade the private lives of most people. Get the curse from anti-globalists, a couple of rallies in times square, but I’ll do it, because he knows: it can conclusively prove to people is for their own good. Reasonably prove, not based on their vision of the principles of influence on the masses.

The government will increase the budget and hire an army of anthoceros (or hackers) on the fingers will prove to liberals that this increase in government spending is a must.

The state, in the end, slowly and carefully restrict the activities of bots in social networks, because in the coming years, the approach of the program is able to generate tens of thousands of individual communications within tens of minutes, based on the analysis of ten of the actions of each member of FB community. In China, they say, are already working.

Yes, it’s long. Yes, it is not always effective. Yes, Barbara interested public opinion — it in his pocket, and there is no need to justify the loss of women give birth to new.

But the system, granting man the freedom, get the individual much more than the one who put the country in “shambles” and fool the viewer. System, grieving for every soldier, if not immediately, but beat the system, not counting corpses. System that expands people’s opportunities, capable of development, and narrowing them will be life or aimlessly to waste their money, or to beg strangers.

We are talking not about abstract principles of democracy, and on the specific rights of a particular person who is willing to go to their reduction, understanding his logic. If it is true that with young children need to talk as adults, then the population must speak as a nation.

Many freedom fighters and opponents of any restrictions from the state, oblivious of the realities of the present day, the ideal would look in the West in the ranks of the anti-globalists and applauded Trump. And the guardians of the strict measures of censorship and police state — on the Old square near the Kremlin. And that is typical — would be today’s allies.

Moreover, it makes no sense to follow the path of the barbarian weaker. Of course, the bespectacled nerd chess player in a dark dead end you will lose in a collision hooligan. But the little hooligan is going to lose big hooligan. A benefit judoka (not the same), able to oppose a large knuckle mastery of throws and holds. But even more serious are the chances of the one who lure the mugger of standstill in the main street and turn it over to the police.

Of course, we must stop looking to Russia and to think about it unless absolutely necessary. First of all, who sees her as a role model, who created (as many think) perfect the mechanism of war. Those who destroys Russia in words, secretly envying, and nights under a blanket (so no one is recorded) admiring. Ukraine will not become the “other Russia” and will never be “Russia No. 2”.

You just have to understand that there are the country, which, of course, is trying to create chaos in the West, but it is for her not an end but a means to the revival of a bipolar world. And this despite the fact that, as once said one Kremlin official, in the world as at 2013 was six countries, possessed of subjectivity, and the others had the right to exist on behalf of and under the instruction of someone from six. By this logic, everything that happened then in Ukraine, the punishment of the object “building” of a subject, and all subsequent, including attempted disruption of Western Europe, the reduction of the number of actors to two. Better, of course, one.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad — huge in size and wealth, the country is spending power, the funds, and the lives of their citizens not only to return in 1980, to the departing Bear, the war in Angola, the Warsaw Pact and the queue for the plastic bags at the American shows. Only Bear the computer is now, war in Syria, the Agreement with Iran, and on the package instead of the US flag — the Patriarch.

Under the guise of the great Russian hides “the zombie of the USSR.” Beautiful and elegant on the old photos, nothing left but a rotten pioneer tie. Great and mighty in the past, and now is not very lively, though, and moving subject with a nuclear bomb in one hand and a plasma TV in another and a garland on the neck braces.

In Donetsk and Lugansk, by the way, in this sense, are not the separatists and imperialists, because the disconnection from Ukraine for the supporters of this process — only a means, and the main goal is reunification with lively them in a dream black-and-white newsreel. Just forgot to warn them that in the process of updating old photos and footage of reality is shed real red blood.

And no there is no Russian world. It does not exist, the invention of spin doctors formulated after several joints smoked and approved at the time of Rossotrudnichestvo, the Russian Federation as an export commodity. And for the Russian language does not come the Russian tanks, because there are no Russian tanks. Is the Russian Mir, the Soviet simulacrum, the world of the former Empire, not having a nationality and language, was used not only Russian, but Chechen, Tatar, Buryat, and, if needed, and Ukrainian.

If we accept this logic, it becomes easier to formulate an answer to the main question: what is this war for Ukraine win?

Victory March in red square? The court in the Hague over the entire Russian leadership? And real? In my opinion, it is the uncertainty prevents to answer the question, what is war today — the action or condition. If action — then what is the path to victory? If the condition is permanent?

Lack of confidence arises because no one can hear answers to these questions, and those that are too fantastic to believe them. Of course, someone may be an illusion that it is possible to replace the confidence of deaf and blind faith, which, as you know, the questions asked, the stolen does not see and generally keeping mum. But there is among our political leaders held celestials, but only the candidates in the apostles, and they, as a rule, unsuccessful.

Real victory can only be one — the very existence of the country, even in the remaining territorial borders, but has features that distinguish it from unstable former metropolis, because the knight turned into a dragon, in the moment of transformation, the dragon loses.

Yes, the existence, and not a full-blooded life away. But peaceful in most areas, no mass murder of innocent citizens. But it is the existence, not survival, as it is now, because survival is prolonged defeat.

And it’s not as small as it seems. The probability of large-scale “hot” war has not been canceled. It is impossible to cancel because no one can guarantee that in the event of any internal problem or just the result of complicated thought processes in a head in Moscow will not have the desire to cut the old knot. The presence of combat-ready Ukrainian army, of course, reduces this risk, but not to low.

And no promise that dear partners again is not limited to an expression of extreme concern, especially as a justification for decisive action can be something terrible and a terrorist. In the Donbass there are places, vaguely reminiscent of Smolensk or Kashirskoe highway.

The only thing that at first glance can stop potential authors of the plan until mid-2018 — world Cup. The Olympics in the boycott of the civilized world to carry the can, not his. And he is an important part of the plan of humanization of the Russian authorities in the eyes of the world.

It’s hard to think about the future, knowing the reality of this perspective. It’s hard to plan life. It is difficult to get rid of the thought to send their children somewhere far away. Is hard to think seriously about investments.

But not so difficult for each individual to cease to be fascinated because of the inevitable disappointment will be forced to pay with interest.

To listen and think. It will help if not eliminate, at least reduce in power the number of those who came there to steal or to Express themselves and to increase the mass of those who are concerned about the success of the project “Ukraine”.

And it is not difficult to authorities to find a responsibility, not a Messianic, thrift, and not kleptomania, ambition, not vanity. Should only want. No, seriously. You just have to really want. Because the features of the moment are such that extension of the powers of the thieves, adventurers and speculators, regardless of position, will complete the project more successful than any of Putin.

And not only not difficult, but you need to hear the gardener from the same “Dragon”: “I Beg you — be patient. Immunized. Campfires — the heat helps growth. Remove weeds carefully so as not to damage the healthy roots. After all, if you think about it, people, in essence, also, may be, perhaps, with all the caveats that deserve careful maintenance”.