Five ways to turn chocolate into a cure

If until today you were eating chocolate with feelings of guilt and shame to their own body and health, now know that this dessert, in spite of the calorie content and fast sugar content, can be therapeutic! However, if you follow a number of rules for its use.

The conditions under which chocolate can improve and how useful it is, said our expert Lyudmila Denisenko, independent nutritionist and member of the European Association for the study of obesity.


AGAINST COUGH. Theobromine has antitussive and analgesic properties. Because it will ease the coughing (not replacing medication) and pain: headache and during menstruation.

FROM DEPRESSION. Tryptophan stimulates the production of the hormone of joy.

WHEN WE ARE UNDER STRESS. Pollici dark chocolate contains more than 20% of the daily requirement of magnesium — the basics of heart health and nerves.

FOR FRESH BREATH. Cocoa antiseptic. And if the chocolate has no sugar, it reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth.

FROM WRINKLES. Antioxidants, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and cholesterol prevent hormonal imbalance and the aging of cells.


1. A DAY — 50 GRAMS

And people who are overweight and/or tendency to gain weight — not more than 30 g.

2. TO 17:00

Simple (fast) carbohydrates that contains chocolate (especially if there are other sources of carbohydrates in the diet) can lead to weight gain: the active expenditure of carbohydrates occurs in the first half of the day, and unprocessed simple sugars, eaten in the evening, replenish fat stores in the body. Plus, chocolate contains caffeine, which causes Central nervous system excitation, because of what the person will find it difficult to sleep.


Overeating sugars can lead not only weight gain, but the deterioration of health due to jumps in blood sugar. And with regular abuse of chocolate can “plant” your pancreas due to insulin swings. If you really want to enjoy chocolate every day, you should reduce the amount of other simple carbohydrates in the diet: baked goods, cakes, jams, sweet drinks.


The more cocoa a chocolate contains, the more its benefits: it must be at least 62%. In this case cocoa should not be in the form of powder and cocoa beans and cocoa butter.
Sugar ideally should not be at all, but if it is present farther from the beginning of the ingredient list — the better (the components listed in the composition in descending order of their quantity in the product).

Chocolate must be strictly black. In the dairy and black with a fondant of sugar in 1,5—2 times more. Do not eat chocolate at the same time even with fresh fruits: they are also a source of sugar.


Eat chocolate right after eating is not worth it. He, as a source of sugar must be digested in the intestines, and the food in the stomach. Thus, at chocolate I could not get until you digest other foods. And while this happens, the sugar will have time to create in the stomach fermentation, leading to the formation of toxins. Plus poorly digested food leads to the replenishment of the fat stores.

But before eating, for example, 30 minutes, eat a chocolate. You will feel enough satiety, and then eat less food at lunch.