Bunkers Putin. The Pentagon report on power of Russia

On the eve of the first meeting of the presidents, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, U.S. Department of defense released a report which estimated the military power of Russia.

In a document issued by Intelligence Agency of the Pentagon, says that the Russian authorities see America and NATO as the main threat to Russia’s security, its geopolitical ambitions and, most importantly, stay in power in the Kremlin.

A large part of the report is already known facts, some data is also free. But there are some interesting points, particularly about the system of underground communications in Moscow and psychological operations.

This is the first such document published after the end of the cold war. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the need for such records, according to American experts, it was not.

Bunkers Putin

The Americans came to the conclusion that the Russian armed forces develop on the basis of the Soviet heritage and are still using rather old examples of military equipment of Soviet times.

“However, the Russian has given the modern nature of its military strategy, doctrine and tactics to include provisions on the use of asymmetric weapons such as cyber systems and indirect action, what we are witnessing in Ukraine,” reads the report.

Russia seeks to reduce its dependence on nuclear weapons and pays special attention to creation of non-nuclear precision weapons, to eliminate the gap in its Arsenal. Lately she is testing such weapons in Syria, the document says.

The report notes that the Kremlin does not believe the incredible opportunity of world war I, and believe that the United States seeks regime change in Russia.

“In Moscow suggest that America wants to impose on the world a single system of values, which will give the opportunity to interfere in Russia’s internal Affairs and to achieve regime change”, — the document says.

According to the Pentagon, Putin has two huge bunkers that can protect the political elite of Russia in case of threat of nuclear war.

They in total can accommodate up to 10 thousand people. One bunker is at a depth of 300 meters directly under the Kremlin, another near Moscow state University.

Buildings are connected by tunnels, the underground railroad from there you can get to other important points, and also to Vnukovo airport.

In addition, two other defensive underground facilities are located 60 kilometers South of Moscow. In bunkers and stored supplies of food, fuel, oxygen, communications, health clinics and other systems required for life support.

“Highly efficient life support system can allow the independent operations for many months after a nuclear attack,” the report said.

Rich people build and buy a bomb shelter

In the autumn of last year, media around the world started to write about how rich Americans are building and buying bomb shelters.

Great materials on this subject were published in the American Forbes, New Yorker, Spiegel, New Zealand Herald, and others.

Journalists linked the interest of millionaires to the bunkers with the advent of “unpredictable” Donald trump to power in the United States.

According to Forbes, rich people are buying land in the most safe, according to the forecasters, areas of the planet.

It is believed that the area in the Central part of the United States — in States such as Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, new Mexico, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming — well-suited for survival in the harsh conditions of the post-Apocalypse, as the climate is mild and conducive to agriculture, and the oceans are far away.

In these States there are already several fortified shelters built by millionaires.

Co-founder of LinkedIn and a well-known investor Reid Hoffman interview for the New Yorker said that, it is estimated that more than half of the billionaires of Silicon valley has acquired a kind of “insurance against the Apocalypse”, for example an underground bunker.

According to Forbes journalist Jim Dobson, many billionaires have private jets, “ready to go to the shelter any minute”, and in the bunkers there are cars, motorcycles, weapons, and Autonomous power generators.

The company’s real estate don’t miss the time and build more underground shelters premium worth three million dollars.

Often they are built on former military bases, or silos for missiles, equipped with special security features such as doors that protect from a nuclear explosion, armored cars, and warehouses of food and water.