A military expert told about the peculiarities of the confrontation of the APU and occupiers

The confrontation in the Donbass between the Ukrainian military and the occupiers turns into a hot phase, when the warlords get bored, or APU fighters decide to release a piece of territory. This was told “Apostrophe” military expert Alexey arestovich.

According to him, the activities of the militants depend on individual commanders who force them to fire at positions of the APU.

“There’s a parity situation, it’s a big chess game. In General, parties do not seek to attack each other to touch. But daily activities or bursts of activity individual commanders or soldiers bring to life the war. Here, for example, is a separ battalion, all was well, they were lazily exchanging fire with ours. Suddenly calls an active separsky or the Russian commander and said: “how long? Why? Let us “dill” saute a little bit.” And leaves some kind of IFV, shoot at our positions. Our offended, I planned this operation for a day or two and punched in response. Three days they mourned, buried their dead, had planned the operation – punched us. So, until you get bored, not yet arrived, the OSCE observers, while senior commanders are not given in caps until the armistice was announced. Silent, I sit, I understand. Then enthusiasts left – and again silence, lazy shooting some” – said arestovich, who recently returned from the combat zone.

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He noted that the Ukrainian military periodically takes positions of the fighters to have an advantage over them.

“There is a phenomenon of the second kind, when, for example, the outline of the positions of the system does not satisfy us. Or. For example, we occupied the commanding heights, and the Russians do not like it. Or Vice versa – they occupy the commanding heights, and we are not satisfied. Then carefully counted, organized, accumulate strength, is the interaction, and at some point in the cotton. We jump forward, grab the position. Took up positions, leveled, and now there’s good, because we are sitting, for example, above, below, we look far, they can’t bring up reserves, because they immediately fall under our shot. And on this front, such local “Peremoga” is coming. Such “Peremoga” from the beginning of the new year we have seven pieces already. We are moving so deftly. Such things as the alignment of the line, capture more active positions – once a month consistently occur somewhere or once in a month and a half. There are daily. There is still a third kind of activity is an endless disturbing action,” – said the military expert.

Earlier, a military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that Russia could withdraw its troops from the Donbass in late summer or autumn this year, leaving in the lurch controlled fighters.