TOP 3 mistakes in sports, which prevent harmony: tips trainer

In pursuit of slender forms and fit body not all methods are good. Star trainer Harley Pasternak told us about the popular errors that make it difficult to obtain a slender shape.

According to the coach, who worked with Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, people often make serious mistakes in the gym, believing in myths. Wrong approach to training minimizes the benefits of sport and does not give the desired results, transfers “modern times”.

To correctly exercise your expert advice on how to fix the following errors:

Turning workouts into a routine

People don’t get results because they do not change the intensity of training and variety of exercises over time. It is important to change systems, work with body weight and exercise machines, to go to group sessions and to devote time to cardio. Not less important role is played even a variety of places for sports and updating their playlist.

To measure the effectiveness of training on sweat

Many people believe that you need to sweat to burn fat. In fact, the sweating indicates high intensity workout. When a person sweats from the body enters the water, which helps to cool the muscles, but the fat does not go away. Moreover, if the person is wet after a workout, it does not mean that he moved forward to the goal of a good figure. In order to safely achieve lasting results, it is better to do in accordance your physical training.

You exercise to muscle pain

Many people believe that soreness is a sign of an effective workout. Really sharp pain occurs due to microtraumas and adversely affects the effectiveness of further activities, as well as on metabolism and hormonal balance. To protect yourself from delayed onset muscle soreness, you need to choose the right load on the basis of physical capabilities and to increase it gradually. Also, it is important to warm up before exercises and stretch the muscles after.