7 divination on Midsummer

Today Ukrainian will run on water wreaths and getting ready for hen parties for one purpose – to bring to life true love! These 7 ancient divination will help, writes stb.ua.

1. Divination with a wreath of Midsummer

A young girl who wants to know about your husband, weaves a wreath of grass. Then inserting the torch and let the water. Then it all depends on the behavior of the wreath:

– if the wreath will quickly set sail from the coast — it promises a happy life and a good husband
– if the wreath from sink — a guy stop loving a girl, this year she will not marry
if the wreath floats on wreaths girlfriends — girl will be the happiest
– if the torch in wreath will not be long off — life will be long (and if you go out fast — short)

2. Divination by fern

This divination will help you to make those girls, which was looked after by several guys. In a Midsummer night need to take for each applicant on the branch of a fern (mark them with colored thread, so as not to confuse). During the festivities sprigs of fern pressed against the river bottom and sharply released. Guy, designed on a twig which comes first, will be betrothed.

3. Divination by fire

For this divination on Ivan Kupala to make another wreath, and in the night to throw him into the fire:
– if the wreath on the fly caught some guy is betrothed
if girls wreaths will cater into the fire, first getting married one whose wreath will burn first

4. Divination by circles on the water

This divination at Midsummer is good because it is at home. You can use the water accumulated in the regular basin. First you need to make a wish, for example, for whom and how soon you want to get married, and then to throw in water a stone and count the circles:
– if there is an even number, your wish will come true
– if odd — alas, no

5. Guessing on the Daisy

Take two chamomile flower (one girl, the other her lover) and placed carefully in the water:
– if the daisies will float together, the couple will be happy together
– if you break up the pair will soon fall apart

6. Divination herbs

In a Midsummer night need to pick different flowers and herbs, and on returning home, to hide the bouquet under the pillow. Waking up in the morning, examine the grass: if a girl counted 12 different herbs, and this year she is likely to marry.

7. Midsummer divination by candle wax

Melt the wax and then poured into a basin of water:
– if the wax in the water had taken the shape of rings or candle is for the wedding
– if the wax has taken the shape of a heart to love
– if the wax took the shape of a star for luck
– if the wax took the shape of a flower — to the new boyfriend
– if the wax took the shape of a human figure to the other