The pampered West and the Islamic barbarians

The need to introduce free access to arms now seems so obvious that the reluctance of the elites to resort to such step begins to increasingly resemble sadism. Western States can no longer guarantee the safety of his subjects, but simultaneously allow them in case of danger, to resort to the most effective method of defense. Islamic terrorists have now become so dangerous precisely because they have gained allies in Europe in the face of politicians who are almost completely disarmed society.

“Law and Justice” defending the disarmament of the poles

The terrorist threat level in Poland is not very high, but the government Beata Szydlo (Beata Szydło) also remains a staunch ally of the Islamists, taking in the face of growing threats solely a passive position. Submitting to the worst the left and to the enlightenment myths, the party “law and Justice” (PiS) in dangerous times deny poles the right to arms.

On the issue of liberalization of access to weapons of Minister Anthony, Macarevich (Antoni Macierewicz) some time ago said that “there will come a time” when this will be possible, but now he eliminates. So when the poles attacked the Islamist thugs or the drivers are suicidal they will just flee or beg for mercy.

Access to weapons is, of course, means that you need to address in the near future, however, the problem of terrorism and the decline of European civilization related to the factors, indicating that we need a radical change. The terrorist attacks of last time show that the whole civilization of the West lives under greenhouse conditions, which strongly contrast with what we’re dealing with the masses who inhabit, for example, the middle East or Africa. Armed with modern gadgets and using modern technology Europeans were helpless, having entered into a direct physical confrontation with people who grew up in poverty and primitive conditions.

Bad if barbarians?

This begs the question, what is the modern “barbarians” had become so wild? Or, rather, representatives of the West because of its technological superiority are so divorced from reality that they lost the ability to fight for survival? In other words, what is the problem: in the wildness of “wild” or the loss of the instinct of self-preservation “civilized”?

Every culture that enters a new stage of development, has a more subtle division of labor. In primitive societies nearly all its members possess several main professions that allows you to survive, and almost all men are ready in case of war to go to war. In our civilization can meet specialists in narrow fields that do not even think about their country.

This, of course, demonstrates the superiority of our cultural circle: using a more complex system of division of labor, we demand that all men were warriors, due to this most of them can focus on the development of science, industry, art and culture. So it’s hard to blame ordinary Britons or Frenchmen that they are afraid to engage in a physical confrontation with members of cultures that exhibit less subtle division of labor.

The clash of civilizations and the resurgent Islamic terrorism stems, however, from the fact that Western society has reached its stage of development artificially. Before Europe developed a financial system that allows impunity to print out the money, she lived at approximately the same level as the rest of the world, and even inferior in wealth to China or India.

The superiority of Western civilization over all others was based primarily on Christian spirituality, rational philosophy, respect for property rights and weak state power. When the dominant position in our cultural circle was occupied by the British (and later Americans) to introduce fractional reserve banking, the West embarked on a path of rapid enrichment.

Assault wealth

This wealth was extracted by means of wars, colonization and (first) printing press. Managed from London, the Empire, collecting inflation tax from the whole world, led to the industrial revolution, which allowed the West to make a “huge leap” forward. He has, however, occurred not as a result of harmonious social development, based on the deepening division of labor and respect for property rights. The West increased its power due to the fact that more than 300 years skillfully controlled the money supply and contributed to an artificial growth of new industries: railway, metallurgy, automobile, computer.

Our Western division of labor and its resulting professional specialization, which allowed to receive to people who face in their activities with exercise, but only if they play sports — is an artificial phenomenon. The effeminacy of Western societies, and their powerlessness in the clash with the “barbarians” due to the fact that they built their wealth and fine division of labor at the price of oppression the rest of the world. This allowed them rose to the level inaccessible to other cultures. Now we are witnessing the extremely painful process of leveling the differences that have emerged in the era of the industrial revolution.

We should not forget that modern Western civilization in which we happen to live, civilization fiduciary money, was built on a Christian Foundation. She can not create anything constructive and durable, so it is doomed to fall sooner or later.

This happens primarily due to the fact that the man she has formed has not reached its level of development naturally, the result of the natural course of events. Immersed in our social networks, focusing on technology, devoid of weapons, and divorced from physical labor contemporary is far from a world in which the majority of residents struggle with hunger, disease and natural disasters. The people of the West live in relatively small enclaves that are surrounded on all sides by starving, desperate and impoverished mass.

We live in the era of the demise of the educational project “new man”, built on the Foundation of secularism and scientism: it dies under the blows of the barbarians, which is not allowed to use the revenue from maintenance of the printing press.