Every third Bank in Ukraine suffered from virus attack.

The result of a hacker attack suffered by a third of Ukrainian banks. About it reports a press-service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

According to the regulator, affected financial institutions have minimized the consequences of the attack and almost completely restored its work in normal mode.

In addition, the consequences of cyber attacks in the banking sector, the regulator took the decision on introduction of emergency regime in selected banks. Specific financial institutions are not listed.

Among the reasons that led to the damage of information and computer networks from cyber attacks affected banks, the NBU called a formal relationship to the organization of the system of information security management, and formal fulfillment of the requirements of the National Bank in this area.
In addition, the national Bank recommended banks:

  • to actualize the policy of vulnerability management and software updates;
  • implement strict network segmentation;
  • to implement multi-factor authentication and privileged user accounts;
  • periodically change passwords regularly create backups;
  • to use the licensed software;
  • to properly work with staff on the awareness of the main principles of information security.

The NBU said that information resources of the national Bank from cyber attacks are not affected. Last week normally operated electronic infrastructure of the National Bank, including electronic payment system, which is used by banks, and the internal computer network of the Central Bank, noted in the NBU.

As reported, on June 27, Ukrainian banks, energy companies, government Internet resources and local network of the Ukrainian media and other large enterprises has undergone a massive hacker attack which spreading the virus Petya.A, which blocks work of the computer system.

The virus is spreading in Russia, England, India and other countries of Europe and Asia. Virus Petya.And encrypts the data on the computer and demands a ransom. The security professionals suggest nothing to pay – no keys after paying money to the owners of infected computers do not get.

Head of Global programmes of the United Nations on cybersecurity Neal Walsh said that investigators still can’t identify the initiators of the recent global cyber attacks, but the strategy of the attackers indicates that not money was the main motive for their actions.