Bring us, Putin! And be done with it

Yes, do us this favor, dear President Putin, guide to Italy a couple of tens of thousands of Cossacks, and we will become yours! Only you have to be the only authentic, authoritative, purposeful Savior in opposition to this disgusting anticolana Europe, these brainless rulers, these ladies from different institutions with erotic-immoral fantasies, these liars-politicians who don’t care, these slow-witted Italians, greedily devouring pork hot dogs and kebabs of lamb, these aggressive, all-knowing and pretentious rainbow gay priests in white blood cassocks, broadcasting from balconies and pulpits, these piles of imaginary and real Dobryakov Dobryakov, which we mixed with all the worst what was collected from the neighboring continent…

If you cut out five minutes of time, guide to us Navy some submarines and a squadron of armed fighters, a convoy of trucks… You decide. You, fortunately, have enough experience and resourcefulness. And I, forgive me God, forgetting about the cargo, otalkuser my heart due to the fact that I turn to (former) Communist, I believe that in General better than all this garbage that surrounds us! If you hurry, will not allow us to spend this tense time, enjoying the calm and good weather, the friendly will be perceived by your invasion. So, in the fall we will get rid of most of those who landed in recent years on our shores, in our ports, spread across our “boot”, and Saharova occupying the sidewalks of Italy; by the time we have to close thousands of illegal mosques that are open equally illegal imams and “faithful”; we already clean our cities from predators and pickpockets that roamed the entire Peninsula between the resorts with the crowds and villages where pensioners live (the favorite victim of the homeless bastards); we will cut the tongues of those preachers in the white-blood robes, those who crucified Christ within the Church, his “Holy Body”.

Do us a little gift, Mr President. Because the wind we have changed. The Italian people awakens and begins to distribute the first kicks in the ass sitting in the seat of power lie. And if on the horizon light up your star, it will give a boost of optimism my people… Think about it.